President Stanley Signs Coalition Statement on Paris Agreement Declaring, ‘We Are Still In’


Stony Brook University, President Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. MD

Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD joined hundreds of college and university presidents, business leaders, investors, governors and mayors from across the United States in signing an open letter to the international community, endorsing actions being taken at the state and local levels to address climate change in support of the Paris Agreement.

Those signing the Grand Coalition Statement on the Paris Agreement declare that they “will continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement,” and vow “to take forceful action and to ensure that the U.S. remains a global leader in reducing emissions.”

“Climate change is a global crisis of perhaps unprecedented proportions,” President Stanley said. “I am proud to join leaders in the fields of government, business and education who have vowed to take leadership on this issue.  We cannot leave this challenge to chance but must continue to take bold action to protect our world and our children’s future.”

The statement calls the Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement “out of step with what is happening in the United States,” and adds, “In the absence of leadership from Washington, states, cities, colleges and universities, businesses and investors, representing a sizeable percentage of the U.S. economy will pursue ambitious climate goals, working together to take forceful action and to ensure that the U.S. remains a global leader in reducing emissions.”

Stony Brook researchers have been at the forefront of climate research, pioneering discoveries that shed light on pressing climate issues and create real-world impact in the fields of environmental science and energy. From professor Chris Gobler investigating the intensification of toxic algal blooms to professor Esther Takeuchi researching sustainable energy storage systems, Stony Brook faculty are leading the way on climate research.

Read the full text of the Grand Coalition Statement, as well as the list of all of those who signed the statement, at the “We Are Still In” website.



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