Imago Theatre Brings Innovative Family-Friendly Show to Staller Center


Imago Theatre will present the imaginative “La Belle, Lost in the World of Automaton” on Staller Center’s Main Stage Saturday, January 27, at 4 pm.

The fairy tale is a story-within-a-story set in the engine room of a steamship. Upper deck passenger Lady Rose stumbles below deck during a storm, meeting worker Sam Stoker. Lady Rose and Sam sing, soft-shoe tap, puppeteer and provide voices for the rest of the characters. “La Belle” includes five original tunes with ukulele numbers and 90s-style songs.

Imago Theatre, created by Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad, has had its shows produced at Broadway’s New Victory Theatre in New York City. They have established an international reputation for excellence in touring the original productions, “Frogz” and “ZooZoo.”

Tickets are $20 at or call the Staller Center box office to order them at (631) 632-ARTS [2787].

Highlights from Imago’s La Belle from Imago Theatre on Vimeo.


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