Chief Diversity Officer Lee Bitsóí on ‘Invisible Dimensions of Diversity’

Lee Bitsóí, Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Lee Bitsóí, Chief Diversity Officer

Stony Brook University Chief Diversity Officer Lee Bitsóí writes about “Invisible Dimensions of Diversity” in the June 2018 issue of INSIGHT into Diversity magazine.

Dr. Bitsóí, who is also a member of the INSIGHT Into Diversity Editorial Board, says that we all have visible and invisible dimensions of diversity, and that “as an indigenous scholar, I also defer to my cultural knowledge base about diversity, as I was taught that everyone exists for a reason. This is the basis of my understanding that diversity is more than the commonly accepted two-dimensional construct wedded to race, ethnicity, and biological sex.”

Dr. Bitsóí notes that he reached out to peers in diversity leadership roles at various higher education institutions and organizations about moving diversity dialogues beyond a binary perspective to include the LGBTQ community, and he includes select questions and responses in the article.

Read the complete article at the INSIGHT into Diversity website.


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