Athletics Receives $4.3M Gift for New Strength Facility


Glenn and Eva Dubin

Investor and philanthropist Glenn Dubin (’78) is making a $4.3 million donation to Stony Brook’s Department of Athletics for the completion of a new state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility. His gift is the largest private donation ever to an athletics department within the SUNY system. Pending formal approval, the new 8,000-square-foot facility will be named the Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center.

“We are grateful and humbled by Glenn and Eva’s incredible generosity and support of Stony Brook University Athletics,” said Director of Athletics Jim Fiore.  “This transformational gift will have an impact on our student-athletes for generations to come. In addition, it is my hope that Glenn’s philanthropy will serve to inspire and lead other Stony Brook alumni and friends to consider supporting Seawolves Athletics.”

Currently in the design phase, the Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center is expected to be completed in fall 2011. The world-class facility will be located inside the Indoor Sports Complex and will overlook Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium. Populous (formerly HOK Sport Venue Event), which designed the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, has been hired as the architectural firm. The new strength and conditioning facility will include weightlifting racks, dumbbell sets, Olympic platforms, a cardio fitness area, space for plyometric exercises, and an office for the strength and conditioning staff.

dubincenter“Glenn Dubin often speaks of the significant role that athletics played in his personal, educational, and professional development,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. M.D. “With his design input and vision, the Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center will reflect that sentiment and provide a world-class venue to support and train Stony Brook student-athletes for success in both athletic competition and in life. This is a wonderful gift that will benefit all of the Stony Brook University family.”

Dubin, who grew up in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, graduated from Stony Brook with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1978. While an undergraduate, he was a member of both the football and men’s lacrosse programs.

“Athletics have had an important influence on me, teaching me values I’ve used throughout my life—discipline and teamwork,” Dubin said.  “My family and I are delighted to support the student-athletes at Stony Brook and hope that this facility will add to their athletic experience and future success.”

Dubin is the co-founder and CEO of Highbridge Capital Management, a global alternative asset management company headquartered in Manhattan with offices in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. He is a founding board member and former board chair of the Robin Hood Foundation, which fights poverty in New York City by applying investment principles to charitable giving. Dubin is also a trustee of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, where he and his wife Eva have funded the Dubin Breast Center to provide comprehensive integrated breast care in a patient-centered environment. Dubin previously donated $1 million to Stony Brook in 2005 to create the Glenn Dubin Endowed Scholarship Fund, offering scholarships to students from Washington Heights, particularly to students from P.S. 132, where he attended elementary school.


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  1. Considering what this administration just did to the brand-new $78 million college at Southampton, some of these posts here really made me laugh. They took the same unreasonable action to destroy an entire undergrad college, why would it be a surprise to anyone that they would destroy a squash court?

    “what has not been mentioned is that the excellent Stu Goldstein squash courts are going to be DEMOLISHED to make room for the new facility. The users of the squash courts have only recently become aware of this and we are all very concerned and upset at the imminent destruction of these wonderful squash courts (to my knowledge the only ones within 50 miles of the Stony Brook area). We feel there must be some way to keep the courts which are a considerable asset to the university.”

    “This kind of behavior by the university is completely unreasonable. Demolishing the squash court to build a weight training center in its place leaves squash practioners without a home in a 50 mile radius around stony brook…Add to that the irony of taking down one donated facility to build another, and the waste of money and time involved with tearing down this squash court to build another one 2 years later at the new rec center. It’s easy to realize why this course of action makes no sense.”

    “I certainly understand the need to improve the facilities for student-athletes, but I would hope it could be done without destroying existing, fully functional recreational space.”

    “actively used by students, faculty and alumni and it would be a real shame to lose this unique resource.”

    “I don’t understand how can this school make a decision without consulting with faculty, staff and students?!”

    Same thing the Southampton students want to know.

  2. Ridiculous. Squandering money for nothing. Are they serious? There are three or four places on campus where you can lift weights: SAC, sport complex and Chapin doorms. Probably a couple of more. Can we do anything about it? Petition perhaps?

  3. From the proposed design it seems that the squash courts are indeed in danger. This is quite bad and loosing the squash courts would be shameful. It’s even more saddening for people who have been playing squash for years now and this is the only local source for them.

  4. I thought this court was built with the donation of Goldstain, but now it is going to be demolished due to another donation, I’m not sure how would this affect any further donation.

    • Agree to the folks, there are many places where you can lift weights for few bucks a month but this is the only squash facility in the eastern suffolk county that is going to be demolished.

      can Mr. Dubin please interfere and ask the university management to spare the courts.

  5. It is a shame to destroy a fitness area that is so heavily used. The squash courts are full in the evenings with players queuing for a turn to play. The adjacent lobby area is also regularly used by various groups with nowhere else to gather.

    The donation is indeed wonderful but replacing this well used and functional fitness area goes against the spirit of the donation itself.

  6. Margareta Rehak on

    The squash lounge serves as practice for classic dance, ballroom dance, hip hop, stepping, martial arts, catered reception after games, and meeting room area to name a few uses besides squash.
    Demolishing the squash courts will deprive the student community of a unique multi purpose space and lead to irreplaceable loss of the courts.

    Adding the weight room facility as an extension to the courts would be the rational course of action.

  7. Ziauddin Ahmed on

    It will be a real shame if these squash courts are demolished. I have had the good fortune of playing squash in England and Australia. These courts in Stony Brook university are of better quality than most clubs in those two countries where squash is played much more frequently.These are quality courts!
    What is even more important is that these courts are heavily used by students and stuff and making small squash courts out of racquetball courts will be a pitiful substitute. This project will diminish and not enhance the athletic center in my opinion.

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