Alumni Welcome Admitted Students to Campus for Admitted Student Day


Alumni volunteers came back to the Brook for Admitted Student Day on Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9, 2017, welcoming over 4,000 admitted students to campus while sharing their stories and experiences as students and alumni.

Alumni Volunteers during Admitted Student Day

Pictured from left to right: Alumni Association President-Elect Bedel Saget ’88, Alumni Association Treasurer Ahmed Belazi ’06, ’10, Alumni Association Board Member Hilda DeJesus ’07, Carla Lange ’95, James Mallinson ’16 and Alumni Association President Robert Stafford ’72, ’82


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  1. Lakisha Bennett- MSW on

    This was certainly interesting to see and read. I know that new students were nervous and excited. Hopefully, they will receive scholarship if needed. I see that many colleges are receiving money for student. scholarships. I wonder if there are students from Fla that would like to attend this great University.

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