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Thanks to Philipp Schäfer, our image search for the global historian avant le lettre, Geoffrey Barraclough (1908-1984), has finally yielded this result.

Source: Chester Archeological Society; see www.history.ac.uk/makinghistory/historians/





Geoffrey Barraclough

Wolf Schäfer, "Global History and the Present Time," p. 106:

The window in Magritte’s 1933 painting The Key to the Fields ("La Clef des Champs") is not made to be looked through but to be thought through. The painter had this to say about his key window:

Let us take any window. The windowpane breaks and with it the landscape that could be seen behind it and through it. When that really does happen one day, which, after all, is possible, then I would like a poet or philosopher — my friend Marcel Lecomte for example — to explain to me what these broken shards of reality mean.

The meaning of Magritte’s reality shards is no clearer to the historian than it was to the philosophizing artist. All the historian knows is that those shards are his documents and that he must take these fragments of previous world perspectives and try to reconstruct the social constructions of the present time that once was.



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