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The Center for Global & Local History publishes the Long Island History Journal (LIHJ), founded by Roger Wunderlich 1988.

The LIHJ is especially interested in articles treating the history of Long Island – Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties – in a national and/or global context. The LIHJ also publishes reviews of recent books concerning the various aspects of Long Island. Prospective authors should consult the “Guidelines for Authors,” located under the “Authors” tab on the home page of the journal.

Wolf Schäfer has articulated the local, national, and global perspectives of the LIHJ in “Long Island: Global, National, and Local” (2009).

Work on this site has ceased in 2011. For recent publications of Wolf Schäfer, see Globality Studies Journal, and for his CV, please go to his home page on the website of the Department of History at SBU.

Earth is the architect of 4.6 billion years of old global history and humankind is responsible for its new global history. The human domination of Earth calls for an integrated study of both global histories, old and new.
2003: The Center for Global History is founded by Wolf Schäfer.

2009: The Center for Global History is renamed Center for Global & Local History after assuming publication of the Long Island History Journal.

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