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Name Department Topics of Expertise
Neurology neurology; neurodegeneration View Profile
Infectious Disease infectious disease; lyme disease; tick-borne illness; WTC exposure related illnesses View Profile
Anissa Abi-Dargham Psychiatry schizophrenia; addiction; molecular imagery; pharmacology View Profile
Howard Adler Urology Prostate cancer; PSA testing; bladder cancer; kidney cancer; testicular cancer; erectile dysfunction View Profile
H. Reşit Akçakaya Ecology and Evolution climate change; species extinction; species conservation; threatened and endangered species; conservation biology; ecology View Profile
Héctor E. Alcalá Department of Family, Population and Preventative Medicine, Program in Public Health cancer; discrimination; racism; health disparities; adverse childhood experiences; health care; smoking; social determinants of health View Profile
Bassem Allam School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences shellfish diseases; quahog parasite; marine mollusks and diseases; environmental factors View Profile
Joan Alpers Child Life Pediatrics; Child Life; Child Development; Medical Play; Art Therapy View Profile
Mohammad Amin Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine sleep disorders; obstructive sleep apnea; fatigue; insomnia; pulmonary medicine; CPAP treatment; PTSD and sleep View Profile
Jennifer L. Anderson History Caribbean; Early American History; Long Island History; New York History; Race; Atlantic world; colonialism; labor; slavery; Hurricane Irma View Profile
Mary Andriola Pediatrics (Clinical Neurophysiology), Psychiatry and Neurology CBD; Medical Marijuana; Epilepsy; cerebral palsy; CNS demyelination; seizures; neuromuscular disease; migraine; pseudotumor cerebri View Profile
Jonathan Anzalone Center for News Literacy news literacy; history; American history; history of medicine; writing; rhetoric; bioethics; medical humanities; professional development; environmental history View Profile
George Aumoithe Africana Studies healthcare; history of public health; public hospitals; social welfare; civil rights; legal history; HIV/AIDS View Profile
Marina D Azzimonti Renzo Economics political economy; partisan politics and the economy; political disagreement; politics View Profile
Michelle Ballan Family Population and Preventive Medicine disabilities; domestic violence; sexual health; reproductive health; bioethics; autism; medical education View Profile
Julia Bear Management gender; negotiations; wage gap; work-life View Profile
Tazeen Beg Department of Anesthesiology COVID airways; general anesthesiology; anesthesia for endoscopy; ambulatory anesthesiology; trauma; coronavirus View Profile
Ahmed Belazi Division of Student Affairs survey research; assessment; strategic planning; organizational performance management; professional development View Profile
Michael Bender Computer Science data structures; algorithms; big data; I/o efficient algorithms; database updates; technology; speed of data; storage systems View Profile
Christy Beneri Pediatric Infectious Diseases lyme disease; tick-borne illness; tuberculosis; vaccine development; pediatric transplant; chronic diseases; HIV; Immunizations; cystic fibrosis View Profile
Elliott Bennett-Guerrero Department of Anesthesiology antibody testing; blood plasma trials; coronavirus; surgical site infection; postoperative morbidity; quality improvement; cancer recurrence; cardiac anesthesiology; safety and effectiveness of blood transfusion; critical care medicine; sepsis; diabetes View Profile
Lisa Benz Scott Program in Public Health, Faculty appointments in Medicine; Dental Medicine; School of Health Technology and Management health behavior change; transitions in cardiac care; outpatient cardiac rehabilitation; community engaged and participatory research; community health education and health promotion; academic-community partnerships and inter-professional education View Profile
Kristin Bernard Psychology Child psychology; clinical psychology; child neglect; abuse and disruption of care; parent-child relationships; parenting intervention; Neurobiological consequences; mental health of children; adolescent mental health View Profile
James Bernasko Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology amniocentesis; high-risk obstetrics; perinatology; pre-eclampsia; prenatal care; prenatal diagnosis View Profile
Thomas V. Bilfinger Cardiothoracic Surgery lung cancer; bypass surgery; cardiac surgery; aortic aneurysms; aortic surgery View Profile
David Black School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences volcanoes; climate change; marine geology; paleoceanography; paleoclimatology; global warming View Profile
Joel S. Blau School of Social Welfare homelessness; poverty; social welfare; social welfare policy; housing; food programs View Profile
Henry Bokuniewicz School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences coastal processes; coastal groundwater hydrology; groundwater discharge; rip currents; coastal erosion; dredging; marine mining; coastal zone; ocean beaches; shoreline changes; storm effects View Profile
Yevgen Borodin Computer Science web accessibility; assistive technology; web automation; human-computer interaction; visual impairments and computers; technology for visually impaired; special education; education technology; English language learning; apps for dyslexia View Profile
Ruth B. Bottigheimer Culture Analysis and Theory fairy tales; children’s literature; Grimm’s Fairy Tales View Profile
Malcolm Bowman School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences storm surges; hurricanes; climate change; storm surge barriers; flooding; global warming View Profile
Rachel Boykan Pediatrics tobacco control; pediatrics; e-cigarettes; vaping View Profile
John Brittelli Respiratory Care Respiratory Care; Mechanical Ventilation; Ventilator; Medication Management; Covid Respirator; National Academy of Inventors; Medical Device Patents; Medication Compliance; CorVent 2020 View Profile
Stephanie L Brown Psychiatry, Psychology evolutionary social psychology; stress and health; altruism; caregiving; longevity; suicide; mental health View Profile
Denise Buhrau Marketing consumer behavior; health behaviors; tv viewing and eating habits; health decision-making; marketing View Profile
Jonathan Buscalglia, MD, FASGE, AGAF Gastroenterology, Hepatology biliary diseases; esophageal cancer; esophageal diseases; gallbladder disease; gallstones; gastric cancer; gastroesophageal reflux disease; gerd (gastroesophageal reflux); pancreatic cancer; pancreatic diseases; stomach cancer View Profile
Turhan Canli Psychology gene-environment interactions; brain imaging; brain stimulation; fMRI; brain basis of emotion; neuroethics; mood and anxiety disorders; depression View Profile
Peter Caprariello Marketing money and happiness; money and relationships; experiential vs. material purchases; consumer science View Profile
Juan Carlos Bucobo Gastroenterology, Hepatology acid reflux (gerd); advanced endoscopy; barrett's esophagus; bile duct tumors; biliary diseases; endoscopic retrograde; gastroesophageal reflux disease; virtual colonoscopy View Profile
Gabrielle A. Carlson Psychiatry suicide contagion; suicide; children and adolescents; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; bipolar disorder; manic depression; disruptive mood dysregulation disorder; psychopharmacology; adolescent suicide; adolescent mental health View Profile
Nilanjan Chakraborty Mechanical Engineering artificial intelligence; robotics; human-robot interactions; automation; robot systems View Profile
Richard Chan College of Business remote working; business and COVID; visual/auditory cues; entrepreneurial finance; crowdfunding innovations; psychology and entrepreneurship View Profile
Robert T. Chase History mass incarceration; policing and punishment; civil rights; black/brown power; mass shootings; confederate flag; racial relations; race relations View Profile
David Chesler Neurosurgery-Pediatric craniosynostosis; minimally invasive surgery; endoscopic neurosurgery; pediatric neurosurgery; pediatric brain tumor; pediatric spinal cord tumor View Profile
Maribeth Chitkara Pediatrics pediatrics; inpatient hospital medicine; hospitalist View Profile
Sean Clouston Family Population and Preventive Medicine, Program in Public Health epidemiology; gerontology; cognitive aging; WTC exposure related illnesses; neurological health; long-duration exposures View Profile
Jules Cohen Hematology, Oncology breast cancer; medical oncology; chemobrain; pet scans; radiotracers; chemotherapy; aromatase inhibitors View Profile
Brian Colle School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences extreme weather; coastal meteorology; weather forecasting; regional climate change; winter storm; global warming View Profile
Jackie Collier School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences phytoplankton physiological ecology; marine microbiology; marine organisms; phytoplankton; marine ecosystems; fungus organisms; ocean plants; ocean and environment View Profile
Josephine Connolly-Schoonen Family Population, Preventive Medicine obesity; diabetes; eating disorders; hyperlipidemia; disease prevention; diet; weight loss; metabolism; school lunch; USDA; school nutrition; FDA View Profile
Amy Cook Theatre Arts interdisciplinary research; cognitive poetics; theatre; casting; contemporary performance; cognitive linguistics; Shakespeare; representations of race and gender; drama; theatre history View Profile
Patricia Coyle Neurology Multiple sclerosis; neurological diseases/disorders; meningitis; encephalitis View Profile
Jill Creighton Pediatrics general pediatrics; pediatric care; pediatric development; pediatric nutrition; well check/health supervision; wellness and prevention; child behavior View Profile
Alexander B. Dagum Surgery basal cell carcinoma; birth defects; cleft lip and palate; congenital defects; facial reconstruction; hand surgery; microsurgery; rhinoplasty; nose job; plastic surgery View Profile
Frank Darras Urology adrenal gland diseases; bladder cancer; hydronephrosis; kidney cancer; kidney stone; kidney transplant; prostate cancer; renal transplantation; urology View Profile
Samir Das Computer Science computer networks; net neutrality; wireless and mobile networks; cellular networks; sensor networks; mobile computing View Profile
Joanne Davila Psychology intimate relationships; romantic competence; healthy relationships; teens and romance; LGBT relationships; relationship education; love View Profile
Raphael P. Davis Neurosurgery brain cancer; aneurysms; acoustic neuroma; arachnoid cyst; neurosurgery; pituitary tumors; ruptured disc; spinal tumors; spine surgery; glioblastoma View Profile
Andrew Delton Political Science evolutionary psychology; political psychology; behavioral economics; group cooperation; morality; evolution of human cognition; evolution of emotions View Profile
Peter DeScioli Political Science morality; moralistic punishment; moral condemnation; moral impartiality; friendships; alliances; friend ranking; experimental economics; behavioral economics; evolutionary psychology View Profile
Ken Dill Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry physics of proteins; biological statistical physics; computational biology; protein folding; quantitative biology; proteins and aging; aging of cells View Profile
Susan Donelan Infectious Disease flu; lyme disease; epidemiology; infectious disease; ebola; mrsa; influenza; zika virus; tick-borne illness; mosquito-borne disease; coronavirus View Profile
Patricia A. Dunn English disability studies; young adult literature; characters with disabilities; teaching of writing; disability studies in education; disability stereotypes View Profile
Debra Dwyer Technology and Society Affordable Care Act; ObamaCare; labor and health economics; public policy analysis; health markets; social security; health policy; healthcare View Profile
Liliana M. Dávalos Ecology and Evolution Phylogenetics; Molecular Evolution; Deforestation; Tropical Biology View Profile
Norman Edelman Family Population and Preventive Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Division, Core Member in Program in Public Health lung diseases; lung health; health care policy; health care workforce View Profile
Michael Egnor Neurological Surgery Neurosurgery; head trauma; brain cancer; hydrocephalus; pediatric spine surgery; spina bifida; spinal tumors View Profile
Craig Evinger Neurobiology and Behavior nervous system; Parkinson’s disease; movement disorders; blinking; involuntary eyelid closure; blink reflex View Profile
Kathleen M. Fallon Sociology women; women's rights; political sociology; social movements; gender; international development; sub-saharan africa; ghana View Profile
Eugene A. Feinberg Applied Mathematics and Statistics Markov decision processes; smart grids; Long Island Smart Energy Corridor View Profile
Stanley Feldman Political Science political psychology; partisan identity; political ideology; public opinion; voting behavior; politics and emotions View Profile
Suzanne Fields Medicine geriatric care; geriatric medicine View Profile
Iris Fineberg palliative care; end of life care; hospice care; cancer and dying; seriously ill; oncology care; oncology social work; interdisciplinary care; interdisciplinary education; family conferences; communication View Profile
Stacey Finkelstein Marketing Marketing; consumer behavior; self-regulation; decision making; goals and motivation; default effects View Profile
Donovan Finn Sustainability Studies Program urban planning; sustainable development; sustainability; resiliency planning; sustainability in New York region; disaster recovery View Profile
David Fiorella Neurosurgery aneurysms; cerebral hemorrhage; stroke; mechanical thrombectomy; apollo procedure; mobile stroke units; MSU View Profile
Nicholas Fisher School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences marine biology; marine pollution; metals in water; marine food chains; polluted water; mercury and BlueFin tuna View Profile
Jennifer Fitzgibbon Surgery oncology; clinical nutrition; diet; nutrition; wellness obesity; food; supplements; vitamins; nutrients View Profile
Charles Flagg School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences fire island breach; coastal lagoons of southern long island; continental shelf dynamics; climate change; global warming; hurricane sandy View Profile
John Fleagle Anatomical Sciences primate evolution; behavior and ecology; primate anatomy; evolution of monkeys and apes View Profile
Crystal M Fleming Sociology and Africana Studies Global Racism; Critical Race Theory; Collective Memory; Mindfulness View Profile
Andrew Flescher Program in Public Health bioethics; ethics of organ transplantation; biomedical ethics; health care ethics; donated organ shortage View Profile
Lori Flores History mexican american; latinos; undocumented worker; immigration; guest worker; DACA View Profile
Paul Ioan Fodor Computer Science artificial intelligence; software engineering; programming languages; database systems View Profile
Alfredo Fontanini, MD, PhD Neurobiology & Behavior Neurobiology; Neuroscience; Human Senses; Taste View Profile
Michael M. French School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences extreme weather; supercell and tornado dynamics; doppler weather radar applications; mesoscale meteorology View Profile
Fred Friedberg Psychiatry Chronic fatigue syndrome; fibromyalgia; chronic pain; EMDR View Profile
Bettina Fries Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology coronavirus; influenza; infectious diseases; antibiotic resistance; multi-drug resistance microbiology; nosocomial infections; fungal infections; infections in immunocompromised hosts View Profile
Douglas Futuyma Ecology and Evolution evolution; evolutionary processes; biological evolution; creationism; insect-plant interactions; evolutionary ecology; coevuloution View Profile
Elizabeth Garduno Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine pregnancy; gynecologic conditions; ultrasound; women's health; women's medicine View Profile
David Garry Maternal Fetal Medicine women’s health; pregnancy; high risk pregnancy; miscarriage; prenatal care; obstetrics; amniocentesis; pregnancy complications; STD; prenatal care; opioid crisis; addiction View Profile
Antonios P Gasparis Surgery spider veins; varicose veins; venous disorders; venous thrombosis; vena cava filters; wound care; venous obstruction; pelvic congestion syndrome; venous malformations; vascular surgery View Profile
Richard J. Gatteau Division of Student Affairs student development; leadership; organizational development; advising and counseling View Profile
Sean Getty Occupational Therapy Program occupational therapy; mental health; mental illness; mental health recovery View Profile
Timothy Glotch Geosciences mars; moon; nasa; space View Profile
Christopher Gobler School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences harmful algal blooms; brown tide; climate change; ocean acidification; ocean warming; hypoxia; bivalves; clean water technology; groundwater; drinking waters; coastal ecosystems View Profile
Avram R Gold Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine Sleep Apnea; Sleep Disorder; Sleep Medicine; Snoring; Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome; Pulmonary Disease; Sleep Study View Profile
Kristie Golden Hospital Administration Opioid Crisis; Psychiatry; Child Disability; Adult Disability; Substance Abuse; Neuroscience; Telehealth; Operations View Profile
Adam Gonzalez Psychiatry Mindfulness; PTSD; Resilience; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Cigarette Smoking; Smoking Cessation; Clinical Psychology View Profile
Paul Gootenberg History Drug history; Drug Issues; Drug Reform; Illicit Drugs; Latin America; social history; Peru; Andean; Mexico; Cocaine and Peru; Colombia View Profile
Elyse Graham English history of language; New York City language; digital humanities; new media View Profile
Todd R. Griffin Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine hysterectomy; laparoscopic surgery; ultrasound; women's health; women's medicine; obstetrics/gynecology; pregnancy; fertility View Profile
Frederick Grine Anthropology human evolution; first humans; early human diets; human diet evolution; African fossil record; evolution in Africa; South Africa View Profile
Frederick B. Gutman Neurological Surgery neurosurgery; adult brain tumors; brain aneurysm; brain cancer; cervical disc; degenerative disc disease; glioblastoma; hydrocephalus; spinal tumors; spine surgery; stereotactic brain surgery View Profile
Lauren Hale Family Population and Preventive Medicine social determinants of sleep; health disparities; sleep health; women’s health; health in retirement; demographics and health; maternal and child health View Profile
Yusuf Hannun Medicine cancer; cancer therapy; targeted therapy; gene therapy; cancer genetics; cancer risk factors; cancer epidemiology; cancer research View Profile
Gilbert N. Hanson Geosciences geology of Long Island; Long Island and groundwater; pine barrens of Long Island; water well system; aquifer system View Profile
Sonia Harmand Anthropology archaeology of human origins in East Africa; origins and evolution of lithic technology; primate models for behavioral evolution View Profile
Robert Harrison Applied Mathematics & Statistics computational science; high-performance computing View Profile
Cara E Harth Neurology Coma; Brain Death; Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy; Therapeutic Hypothermia; General Neurology; Hospital Neurology; Medical Education View Profile
Adrienne Haughton Dermatology botox injections; cosmetic fillers; cosmetic injectables; dermatology; skin care; alopecia; skin cancer; acne; eczema; skin damage View Profile
R. Anna Hayward School of Social Welfare father involvement; children and family services; program evaluation; environmental justice; fatherhood View Profile
Gang He, Ph.D Department of Technology and Society energy systems; climate change; environment; energy policy; carbon policy; modeling; renewable energy; wind energy; sustainability View Profile
Jennifer Heerwig Sociology LGBT; political sociology; social demography; longitudinal elite contributor dataset; campaign finance; elite campaign contributors; federal elections; Vietnam War; public opinion; big data; gay marriage View Profile
Victoria J. Hesford Cultural Analysis and Theory gender; sexuality; queer and feminist theory; queer and feminist history; popular culture; tv and film View Profile
Elizabeth Hewitt Technology and Society resilience; energy efficiency; built environments; behavior and decision-making; urban planning View Profile
Nancy Hiemstra Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies global migration; illegal immigrants; U.S. border enforcement; criminalization of immigrants; racialization of Latin Americans; immigration policy; U.S. immigrant detention and deportation; Ecuador; DACA View Profile
Laura Hogan Pediatric Hematology/Oncology pediatric cancer; chemotherapy; cancer treatment; pediatric leukemia; pediatric survivorship; adolescent and young adult oncology View Profile
Kristin Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine ankle surgery; arthroscopy; cartilage restoration and preservation; elbow surgery; fracture care; labral surgery; ligament repair and reconstruction; knee surgery; meniscus surgery; orthopaedic surgery; osteoarthritis; rotator cuff surgery; shoulder replacement surgery; shoulder surgery; sports medicine; trauma; upper extremity surgery View Profile
Richard Hornik Center for News Literacy news literacy; business; economics; editing business publications; journalism curriculum development; managing global networks; publishing; editorial reorganization; strategic communications; media relations; storytelling; new media View Profile
Braden Hosch Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness higher education; college costs; education policy; institutional research; data analytics; big data; data strategy; accreditation; accountability View Profile
Benjamin S. Hsiao Chemistry water purification; nanomaterials and water purification; sustainable drinking water supply; water purification technology View Profile
David Hsu Psychiatry depression; neuroimaging; brain response to social rejection; social acceptance; psychiatric disorders View Profile
Leonie Huddy Political Science elections; public opinion; polling; voting behavior; political psychology; women in politics View Profile
Joel Hurowitz Geosciences mars exploration; planetary science; geochemistry; nasa View Profile
Heidi Hutner English Paris Climate Accord; environmental justice; climate change; food rights; animal rights; sustainability View Profile
Saul Hymes Pediatric Infectious Diseases tick-borne illness; infectious disease; hepatitis; Lyme disease; pediatric HIV; pneumonia; vaccines; antibiotic resistance; MRSA; immunology; zika virus; mosquito-borne disease; west nile virus View Profile
Danling Jiang Finance Finance; Investments; Decision Making; Economics; Political Science; Stock Market View Profile
Evan C Jones Dermatology skin tumors; basal cell carcinoma; soft tissue sarcoma; dermatology; melanoma; merkel cell carcinoma; Mohs micrographic surgery; skin cancer; squamous cell carcinoma of the skin; sun protection; skin cancer prevention; sun protection education View Profile
Chang Kee Jung Physics and Astronomy physics of sports; particle physics; antimatter; neutrinos; neutrino oscillations; proton decay; grand unification theories; NFL Super Bowl View Profile
E. Ann Kaplan English women and film; feminist theory; trauma studies; environmental humanities; trauma; climate change; dystopia; women’s studies View Profile
Roxanne Karimi School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Environmental health; aquatic ecology; freshwater and marine pollutants; mercury; heavy metals; seafood consumption; health effects from eating fish View Profile
Susan Katz Pediatrics child passenger safety; sports injury prevention; water safety; SIDS prevention View Profile
Stephanie Kelton Economics and Public Policy Economics; Modern Monetary Theory (MMT); the Federal Reserve; international finance; Social Security; investment banking; debt crisis; deficit spending; fiscal policy; employment policy; political debate View Profile
Jennifer Keluskar Psychiatry autism spectrum disorders; ASD; autism; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; ADHD; developmental disabilities; anxiety disorders; behavior management View Profile
Robbye Kinkade Health Science Program implicit bias; diversity; inclusion; equity; public health; domestic violence; cultural competency; microaggession; culture View Profile
Daniel Klein Psychology depression; mood disorders; depressive disorders View Profile
Reuben Kline Political Science behavioral political economy; behavioral economics; behavioral public policy; climate change mitigation; behavioral ethics; experimental social science; procedural justice View Profile
Daniel Knopf School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Antarctic ozone hole; aerosol and the ozone; air pollution; sea spray aerosols; smoke or fog; cloud formation and effect on climate; water freezing; global warming View Profile
Jin Koda Physics and Astronomy galactic disks; star formation; dark matter; ultra-dark galaxies; deep space; origin of the universe; cosmology View Profile
Andreas Koenig Anthropology nonhuman primates; behavioral ecology; social evolution; primate mating behavior; primate life history; primate ecology; Asian primates; leaf monkeys; Hanuman langurs View Profile
Angela A. Kokkosis Department of Surgery arterial disease; venous disease; vascular surgery; varicose veins; arterial disease in women; carotid surgery; circulation; thoracic outlet syndrome; dialysis access View Profile
Laurie Krug Molecular Genetics and Microbiology herpes virus; Epstein-Barr virus; Kaposi’s sarcoma; View Profile
Yanna Krupnikov Political Science politics; political psychology; political partisanship; political independents; elections; political parties; women in politics View Profile
Giancarlo La Camera Neurobiology & Behavior decision-making; plasticity and learning; memory; cortex; neural networks; neural coding; computational neuroscience; mathematical models View Profile
Gallya Lahav Political Science immigration; refugees; politics; public opinion; european integration (eu); political culture View Profile
James Lattimer Physics and Astronomy neutron stars; superfluid; nuclear astrophysics; supernovae; gravitational waves View Profile
William E. Lawson Medicine angioplasty (coronary); cardiac catheterization; cardiology; coronary disease; enhanced external counterpulse; heart attack; heart failure; hyperlipidemia; hypertension; research trials-clinical trial View Profile
Brian Lebowitz Neurology brain injury; neurology; ADHD; learning disorders; memory disorders; cognition; psychiatric disorders; neurological ilnesses View Profile
George Leibowitz School of Social Wellfare opioid crisis; addiction; incarcerated adults and juveniles; forensic practice; trauma; sexual abuse; addiction; homelessness; poverty; troubled youth View Profile
Matthew Lerner Psychology autism; autism spectrum disorders; developmental disabilities; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; social disorders; psychosocial interventions for autism spectrum disorders; social problems in children and adolescents View Profile
Daniel Levy Sociology globalization; collective memory; comparative historical sociology; human rights; europeanist View Profile
Ken Lindblom English teaching writing; English language; K-12 educators; teacher education; digital badging at the college level View Profile
Marci Lobel Psychology pregnancy; women’s reproductive health; domestic violence and pregnancy; prenatal stress; PNMS; stereotypes and pregnancy; premature birth; postpartum depression; menopause; infertility; premenstrual syndrome View Profile
Jon P. Longtin Mechanical Engineering Lasers; Thermal Sciences; Environmental Sensors View Profile
Deborah Lowen-Klein University Advancement mission-based fundraising; philanthropy in higher ed; intergenerational transfer of knowledge; foundation board management; 21st century fundraising teams View Profile
Christian C. Luhmann Psychology neuroscience; decision-making; memory transmission and social networks; contagious information; altruistic behavior and social networks; decision-making View Profile
Heather Lynch Ecology and Evolution penguin population; climate change and Antarctica; Antarctic conservation; seabirds; ecotourism; south pole View Profile
Brittain Mahaffey Psychiatry and Behavioral Health mental health; behavioral health; depression; anxiety; mental health and holidays; stress disorders; PTSD; psychotherapy; World Trade Center responders; pregnancy; perinatal mental health View Profile
Sotirios Mamalis Mechanical Engineering alternative fuels; energy conversion; power generation; propulsion systems View Profile
Xinwei Mao wastewater treatment; water purification; storm water management; contaminated sites remediation View Profile
Luis Marcos Medicine Tick-Borne Diseases; Chagas; Tropical Medicine View Profile
Catherine Marrone Sociology medical sociology; aging; gender; human reproduction; sex; infant and maternal morality; reproductive technology; academic cheating View Profile
Celia Marshik English literature and law; copyright; censorship; women in the early 20th century; fashion in early 20th Century; 1910s; 1920s; 1930s; World War I; modernism View Profile
Margaret M. McGovern, MD, PhD Pediatrics clinical trials; genetic disorders; Neimann-Pick disease View Profile
Allison McLarty Surgery heart disease; cardiology; women and heart disease; cardiac surgery; implantable heart devices; cardiothoracic surgery; thoracic surgery; lung cancer View Profile
Scott M. McLennan Geosciences sedimentary rock; planetary sciences; Mars; life on Mars; water on Mars; Mars missions View Profile
Jaymie Meliker Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine epidemiology; health geography; contact tracing; covid-19; drinking water contaminants; arsenic; cadmium; environmental epidemiology; human exposure View Profile
Joshua Miller Endocrinology and Metabolism diabetes; insulin pumps; nutrition; music and medicine; population health; metabolism; thyroid disease; pituitary disease View Profile
Joseph S. B. Mitchell Applied Mathematics and Statistics algorithms; robotics; geometric optimization; air traffic management; optimal routing transportation and logistics; network optimization View Profile
Kathleen Monahan intimate partner violence (IPV); sexual abuse; trauma; mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) View Profile
Jeanine Morelli Family Medicine adolescent medicine; chronic illness; family medicine; pediatric care; adult wellness; prevention; women’s health; hypothyroidism; diabetes; hypertension View Profile
Anne Moyer Psychology Psychosocial issues surrounding cancer and cancer risk; medical decision making in human and veterinary medical contexts; women’s health; research methodology and meta-analysis; the psychology of research participation View Profile
Lisa Muratori Department of Physical Therapy physical therapy; movement disorders; Huntington's Disease; Parkinson's disease; multiple sclerosis View Profile
Sharon Nachman Pediatrics HIV; aids; epidemiology; influenza; coronavirus; immunizations; infectious disease; lyme disease; pneumonia; std; tuberculosis; mrsa; tick-borne illness; measles; coronavirus View Profile
Hanna Nekvasil Geosciences volcanic eruptions; volcanic hazards; magma; lava; meteorites View Profile
Andrew Nicholson Asian and Asian American Studies Hinduism; Buddhism; philosophies of India; history of yoga View Profile
Nick Nikiforakis Computer Science technical support scams; web security; privacy; online tracking; domain squatting; cyber crime; underground economy; denial-of-service attacks; cybersecurity View Profile
Helmut Norpoth Political Science election forecasting; presidential politics; election campaigns; voting; public opinion; wartime politics; economic voting; partisan realignments View Profile
Janet Nye School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Paris Climate Accord; climate change; fisheries management; marine ecosystems; fisheries collapse; ocean warming; long island sound; great south bay View Profile
Brian J. O'Hea Surgery breast biopsy; breast cancer; breast lumps in women; breast surgery; oncology; surgical oncology View Profile
Artem Oganov Department of Geosciences Computational Materials; Crystallography; Mineralogy; Russia's Scientific Brain Drain View Profile
Chioma Okeoma Department of Pharmacology breast cancer; immunity; extracellular vesicles; exosomes; chikungunya; HIV View Profile
Ijeoma Opara Social Work youth substance use; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; black youth; youth empowerment; adolescent girls of color; youth vaping View Profile
Alexander Orlov Materials Science and Engineering environmental; sustainability; chemical engineering; materials; nanotechnology View Profile
Jennifer Osipoff Pediatric Endocrinology pediatric diabetes; diabetes management; hybrid closed loop technology; insulin pumps; continuous glucose monitors; transgender patients View Profile
Oyeronke Oyewumi Sociology gender; race; feminism; social inequality; transnational feminist studies; pan-africanism; african studies View Profile
Lester G. Paldy Technology and Society nuclear weapons; terrorism; treaty negotiation View Profile
Nikhil J. Palekar Psychiatry Alzheimer's Disease; Geriatric Psychiatry; Mood Disorders; View Profile
Laurie Panesar Pediatric Cardiology fetal heart conditions; congenital heart disease; fetal echocardiography; pediatric cardiology; arrhythmia; cardiomyopathy View Profile
Christopher Paparo Marine Science marine science; sharks; marine ecology; naturalist View Profile
Ramin V. Parsey Psychiatry anxiety; bipolar disorder; depression; depression during holidays; depressive disorder; manic depression; mood disorders; psychiatry; psychopharmacology; psychotherapy View Profile
Michael L. Pearl Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine cancer of the cervix; endometrial cancer (uterus); fallopian tubes; gestational trophoblastic disease; gynecologic cancer; gynecologic malignancies; gynecologic oncology; ovarian cancer; primary peritoneum; uterine cancer; vaginal cancer; vulvar cancer; womb cancer View Profile
James Penna Orthopaedics ankle surgery; arthritis; arthroscopy; fracture care; knee surgery; orthopaedic surgery; orthopaedics; osteoarthritis; shoulder replacement surgery; shoulder surgery; sports medicine; trauma; upper extremity surgery View Profile
Michael Peress Political Science elections; u.s. congress; voting behavior; representation; electoral systems; legislative institutions; benchmarking; clientelism; political advertising View Profile
Bradley Peterson School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences eelgrass; resotration; ocean acidification; climate change; oysters; hard clams; habitat complexity; Paris Climate Accord View Profile
Joseph M. Pierce Hispanic Languages and Literature gender and sexuality studies; Latin American literature and culture; 19th century studies; kinship; masculinity; homophobia; arts education; study abroad programs; experiential learning; Native American studies View Profile
Stephen Post Director of the Center for Medical Humanities bioethics; altruism; compassionate care; positive psychology; relationship between giving and happiness; longevity; Alzheimer's; Giving Tuesday View Profile
Roy Price School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences hydrogeology; hydrothermal vents; shallow-sea vents; Long Island and nitrate pollution; toxic elements in coastal marine environments; origin of life; arsenic View Profile
Aurora Pryor Surgery bariatric surgery; colon; gastric and esophageal cancers; gallbladder disease; gi stromal tumors; laparoscopic surgery; laparoscopy; minimally invasive surgery; reflux esophagitis; stomach cancer; extreme weight loss; obesity View Profile
María Pérez-Urdiales Department of Economics environmental economics; water economics and policy; water conservation policy; environmental policy; agricultural productivity View Profile
Suparna Rajaram Psychology memory; social learning; contagious behavior; contagious beliefs; amnesia; long-term memory View Profile
Sritha Rajupet Family Population & Preventive Medicine Family Medicine; Preventive Medicine; Public Health; Primary Care; Clinical Informatics; Chronic disease management; Cancer screening; Immunizations; Women’s Health; Sexual Health (STD and Contraception); Veteran Health; Integrative Care Delivery Models; Population Health; Social Determinants of Health; Care of vulnerable and underserved populations; Quality Improvement; Graduate Medical Education View Profile
E. Troy Rasbury Geosciences Geoscience; sedimentary rock; geology; time resolution View Profile
Eric Rashba Electrophysiology heart devices; pacemakers; arrhythmia; atrial fibrillation View Profile
Kevin Reed School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences tropical cyclones; extreme weather; climate change; hurricanes View Profile
Steven Reiner School of Journalism Science Journalism; News Literacy; Fake News; Cognitive Dissonance; 60 Minutes View Profile
Basil Rigas Medicine, Division of Cancer Prevention gastroenterology; cancer prevention; anti-cancer drug development View Profile
John Rizzo Program in Public Health health economics; public health; pharmaceutical economics; healthcare spending; housing market; job market View Profile
Theresa Robertson Management evolutionary psychology; ostracism; group dynamics; social decision making; emotions; evolution of human cognition; social exclusion View Profile
Deanne Rogers Geosciences Mars; geoscience; the Martian crust and surface; solar system exploration; remote sensing View Profile
Naomi Rosenthal Sociology social movements; women's studies; gender; historical sociology; feminism; spinsterhood; cultural issues; students who work View Profile
Clinton T. Rubin Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences bone; osteoporosis; obesity; exercise; bioengineering; biomedical engineering View Profile
Gabrielle Antoinette Russo Anthropology primate locomotion; primate anatomy; vertebral column; human evolution; primate evolution; bipedalism; tails; tail loss; upright trunk posture View Profile
Delaney Ruston Family Population & Preventive Medicine mental health; mental illness; schizophrenia; mental illness documentaries; teenagers in digital age; ethics; ethical dilemmas; social media View Profile
John Barry Ryan Political Science political communication; social networks; campaigns; voting behavior; influence of social networks on voting; politics View Profile
Carl Safina School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Paris Climate Accord; conservation; ocean conservation; marine ecology; seabirds; environment; sustainable; animal intelligence; nature; animals; fisheries; orcas; animal conservation View Profile
Nicole S. Sampson Chemistry protein structure and function; cancer targeting treatments; tuberculosis; infertility View Profile
Santiago Sanchez-Vicente Microbiology and Immunology Tick-borne diseases; Amblyomma americanum; Parasitology; Rickettsia amblyommatis View Profile
Warren Sanderson Economics population growth; population forecasting; life expectancy; demography; aging; economic growth View Profile
Steven Sandoval Surgery burn treatment; critical care; emergency care; pediatric trauma; wound care; fireworks injuries View Profile
Aaron Sasson Surgical Oncology Cancer; Pancreatic Cancer; Colon Cancer; Rectal Cancer; Surgery; Whipple Procedure; Neuroendocrine Tumors View Profile
Marianna Savoca Career Center career development; job market; internships; student employment; post-grad employment; experiential learning; community service; career service; work life after college View Profile
Jessica Schleider Department of Psychology adolescence; clinical psychology; depression; anxiety; intervention; digital mental health View Profile
Howard Schneider Center for News Literacy journalism; fake news; news literacy; communicating science View Profile
Michael Schuster Stony Brook Cancer Center, Stem Cell Transplantation and Hematologic Malignancy Program blood cancers; bone marrow transplant; leukemia; lymphoma; Hodgkin’s disease View Profile
Susan Schuval Pediatrics food allergies; drug allergies; atopic dermatitis; insect sting allergy; immunodeficiency View Profile
Mark Schweitzer Radiology radiology; MRI; diabetic foot disease View Profile
Nicholas Scibetta Global communications; brand strategy and visual identity; advertising; marketing; publications; social media; higher education; issues and crisis View Profile
Richard Scriven Surgery pediatric surgery; laparoscopic surgery; pediatric trauma; congenital defects; hernia repairs View Profile
Christopher Sellers History U.S. environmental history; urban history; lead poisoning; pollution; industrial hygiene; domestic hygiene; housing; industrial hazards; historian of cities and suburbs View Profile
Carrie L Shandra Sociology disabilities; employment; unpaid labor; school-to-work programs; internships; housework; time use View Profile
Shyam Sharma Program in Writing and Rhetoric writing and rhetoric; international students; cross-cultural communication; online education; Nepal; South Asia View Profile
John Shea Anthropology human evolution; archaeology; stone tools; ice age; neanderthals; anthropology View Profile
Gary Sherman Management social hierarchy; social hierarchy within organizations; power; status; competition; testosterone and leadership View Profile
Adam Singer Department of Emergency Medicine emergency medicine; cutaneous wound healing; burns; tissue adhesives; pain management; cardiovascular disease; coronavirus View Profile
Radu Sion Computer Science cybersecurity; cloud computing; cellular and wireless security; identity management; applied cryptography; Equifax hack; Uber breach View Profile
Steven Skiena Computer Science artificial intelligence; machine learning; data science; natural language processing; social media; algorithm design; Wikipedia analysis View Profile
Hal A Skopicki Medicine Heart failure; implantable heart devices; hypertension; valvular heart disease View Profile
Oleg Smirnov Political Science Paris Climate Accord; climate change; Paris agreement; environmental migration; agent-based modeling; cooperation; social dilemmas; public goods View Profile
Scott Smolka Computer Science virtual heart; medical device; synthetic biology; computational models View Profile
Fotis Sotiropoulos Civil Engineering wind energy; wave and tidal energy; hydropower; hydraulic structures; bridge scour; stream and river restoration; heart valves; computational fluid mechanics View Profile
Shikaripur N. Sridhar Asian and Asian American Studies India studies; South Asian studies; languages; linguistics; literatures of India and South Asia; Kannada and Dravidian languages; translation of Indian literary classics; bilingualism; multilingualism; code switching; Indian English; World Englishes; English around the world; ESL View Profile
Roy T. Steigbigel Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiology HIV; AIDS; pharmacology; pathology; microbiology View Profile
Steven Stern Economics labor economics; health economics; economics of aging; economics of the family; industrial organization; econometrics; divorce predictions; relationships; economics and love; mental health View Profile
Katarina Supe-Markovina Pediatric Nephrology kidney diseases; pediatric obesity; acute kidney injury; nephrotic syndrome View Profile
Larry Swanson School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences marine pollution; marine policy; recycling and reuse of waste materials; waste management View Profile
Mark Talamini Surgery colon cancer; gerd; crohn's disease; esophagus surgery; hernia repair; inflammatory bowel disease; minimally invasive surgery; robotic surgery; stomach cancer; ulcerative colitis; general surgery View Profile
Wendy K. Tang Electrical and Computer Engineering online learning; online degree; engineering education; wireless sensor networks; communication networks View Profile
Allen R. Tannenbaum Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics cancer research; medical imaging; computational computer vision; image processing; robotics View Profile
Henry J. Tannous Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery cardiac disease; cardiac surgery; cardiothoracic; heart surgery; lung cancer; valvular heart disease; TAVR View Profile
Apostolos Tassiopoulos Surgery vascular disease; vascular trauma; bypass surgery; aortic aneurysm; angioplasty; stents; stent graft; endograft; vascular trauma; bypass surgery; carotid surgery View Profile
Benjamin Tausig Department of Music Thailand; Protest; Sound Studies; Music and Poiitics View Profile
Joshua Teplitsky History Jewish History; Books; Printing; Media; Digital Humanities; History of Epidemic Disease View Profile
David Thanassi Department of Microbiology and Immunology bacterial pathogenesis; bacterial virulence mechanisms; antibiotic resistance and therapeutic development; bacterium; bacteria View Profile
Nancy Tomes History Healthcare; patients and doctors; medical consumerism; American medicine and health; history of medicine; history of public health; mental health; women; gender; health and advertising View Profile
John True Ecology and Evolution evolution; evolutionary genetics; speciation; Drosophila; developmental genetics; insect pigmentation; genetics and diversity View Profile
Katheryn C. Twiss Anthropology archeology; environmental archaeology; prehistoric archaeology; archaeology of food; prehistory; zooarchaeology; taphonomy View Profile
Arnout van de Rijt Sociology social networks; collective action; cumulative advantage View Profile
Natasha Vitek Department of Ecology & Evolution paleontology; turtles; mammals; fossils; evolution View Profile
James Vosswinkel Trauma, Emergency Surgery, Surgical Critical Care trauma; abdominal pain; anti-reflux surgery; appendicitis; colon surgery; colon/rectal surgery; gallbladder disease; gallstones; gastrointestinal surgery; GI surgery; hernia repairs; laparoscopic surgery; surgical critical care; fireworks injuries; severe cold injuries View Profile
Frederick Walter Physics and Astronomy solar eclipse; galactic novae; neutron stars; the Sun and its planets; star and planet formation; life in the universe; space; Sun-Earth connection (aka solar-terrestrial relation); solar flares and coronal mass ejections; the science of Science Fiction; the physics of climate change and global warming View Profile
Wayne Waltzer Urology adrenal gland diseases; cancer of the bladder; kidney; penis; prostate; testicle; cryosurgery prostate and kidney; PSA; urologic oncology View Profile
Joseph D. Warren School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences underwater acoustics; humpback and baleen whales; predator-prey interactions; east coast whale sightings; antarctic krill populations View Profile
Lianxing Wen Department of Geosciences Earthquakes; Earth’s interior; Seismic Waves; Geophysics View Profile
Eric Wertheimer English Department early and nineteenth century American literature and culture; cultural and literary theory; popular political discourses; new media; poetry View Profile
Kathleen Wilson History British History; British Empire; British Monarchy; British Ministries; Race and Ethnicity in Britain; Race and Ethnicity in Europe; 18th Century Britain View Profile
Elizabeth Wirkowski Neurosurgery, Professor of Clinical Neurology Neurocritical Care; Coma Diagnosis and Recovery; Ethics of Brain Damage View Profile
Stanislaus S. Wong Chemistry nanomaterials; nanostructures; chemical synthesis; catalysis; nanomedicine; opto-electronics; devices; nanotubes; nanoparticles; nanowires View Profile
William Worek Mechanical Engineering heating; refrigerating and air conditioning; energy systems View Profile
Patricia Wright Anthropology Madagascar; rainforest conservation; lemurs; Madagascar endangered species View Profile
Karina Yager Sustainability Studies Program climate change; mountain environments; alpine peatlands; Andean culture and ecology; tropical glaciers; climate change impacts; pastoralists; glacier monitoring; remote sensing; land cover land use change View Profile
Vincent Yang Gastroenterology gastroesophageal reflux disease; cancer genetics; colon cancer screening; crohn's disease; diarrhea (chronic); diarrhea disease; familial colon cancer; gastrointestinal cancers; gastrointestinal oncology; general gastroenterology; inflammatory bowel disease; ulcerative colitis View Profile
Kevin Zacharoff Preventative Medicine opioid crisis; chronic pain; pain management; anesthesiology; pain medicine View Profile
Gregory Zelinsky Psychology neroimaging; cognitive science; cognitive behaviors; visual search behaviors; eye movement; object representation View Profile
Eric Zolov History Latin America; Latin American history; Mexico; Cuba; U.S. and Cuba relations; Cold War View Profile

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