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Director's Statement on PWR Personnel Changes Fall 2018

In response to information being discussed in our community about changes in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR), I would like to clarify the nature, degree and intent of those changes. I’d also like to emphasize that the PWR  focuses on providing our students’ with the ability to succeed, helping them to an on-time graduation, and helping them prepare for the next chapter after their time at Stony Brook. 

We are adding five new full-time lecturers to our Program beginning in Fall 2018. Some will be faculty with relevant and/or transferrable skills who will join us from other departments, and who we hope will help us as we develop a “Writing in the Disciplines” program. Faculty within the PWR will provide mentorship and training, as necessary, as we continue to strengthen our offerings. Other positions will be filled by recruitment for new faculty, and all, including current adjuncts within the PWR, are welcome to apply. The goal of these placements is for Stony Brook to reduce reliance on part-time faculty, i.e., adjuncts, in delivering instruction to students and to grow our full-time faculty, a goal aligned with Stony Brook's drive toward excellence in undergraduate education. The goal of expanding full-time faculty will also provide opportunities to grow our program offerings. 


In Spring 2018, the PWR will be unable to retain our part-time lecturers, some of whom have worked for us for many years. We have endeavored to help find them opportunities in other parts of the university and have been very successful helping most secure continued employment. The PWR is providing additional courses during Winter Session and Summer Session. We have, when possible, offered adjuncts opportunities in teaching those classes. 


I'm thankful for our faculty. They remain focused on student success, and I sincerely appreciate their dedication throughout this transition.


Roger Thompson

Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric