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PWR Essay Contest Winners 2018


Held twice during the academic year, the PWR Essay Contest is a long-running tradition that identifies the highest quality of student writing in our WRT 101, WRT 102, and upper-division courses. These essays are shared for your reading pleasure with permission of the authors--click on the title links.
Author: Karis Tutuska
Professor: Robert Kaplan
Category: Upper Division Academic
Author: Ryan Williams 
Professor: Thomas Tousey 
Category: Upper Division Informal
Author: Tae Won Park 
Professor: MaryAnn Duffy
Category: WRT 101
Author: Trey Shimizu 
Professor: Thomas Tousey 
Category: WRT 102 Analysis
Author: Tiger Zhu
Professor: Ryan Calvey 
Author: Victoria DeAngelis 
Professor: Cynthia Davidson
Category: WRT 102 Informal
Author:  Victoria DeAngelis 
Professor: Cynthia Davidson 
Category: ePortfolio

PWR Essay Contest Winners 2016-2017

Author: Kehong Yu

Professor: MaryAnn Duffy

Category: WRT102 ePortfolio


Author: William Delisi

Professor: Steven Dube

Category: WRT102 Analysis

Title: "'Kim,' 'Hurt,' 'Creep,' and Translating Uncomfortable Emotions Through Music"


Author: Jason Dong

Professor: Joe Labriola

Category: WRT102 Informal

Title: "On How Far I've Come Out"


Author: Henry Joseph Weaver

Professor: Eugene Hammond

Category: WRT102 Argument

Title: "Responsible Reproduction"


Author: Yinuo Zhang

Professor: Andrew Rimby

Category: WRT101 Academic

Title: "'To Be or Not to Be': Turning Point of Visual Effects Development in Modern China's Film Industry"


Author: Sarah Malik

Professor: Shyam Sharma

Category: Upper-Division Academic

Title: "Impacts of Technology on Dating and Romantic Relationships in Different Cultures"


Author: Jaclyn McElroy

Professor: Kevin Clouther

Category: Upper-Division Informal

Title: "Meisner Technique"


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