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PWR Essay Contest Winners 2019

Held twice during the academic year, the PWR Essay Contest is a long-running tradition that identifies the highest quality of student writing in our WRT 101, WRT 102, and upper-division courses. These essays are shared for your reading pleasure with permission of the authors--click on the title links.
Upper Division Informal Jenelle Mitchell " Just Hair" Thomas Tousey, Instructor  
WRT 101 Academic Yanbing Gu "Solving Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen through Global Effort" MaryAnn Duffy, Instructor  
WRT 101 Informal Bridget Haglund "Beach Days" Thomas Tousey, Instructor  
WRT 102 Informal Kaung Kyaw "My Childhood Villain" Susan Hinely, Instructor  
WRT 102 Analysis Kentaro Matsushima "Donating Dollars: Have You Been Doing It Wrong?" Ryan Calvey, Instructor  
WRT 102 Argument Martha Braun "Weight Representation and Its Implications for Body Positivity and Health" Kristina Lucenko, Instructor  
WRT 102 ePortfolio Juliana Welk WRT 102 Cynthia Davidson, Instructor  

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