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 PWR ePortfolio Showcase

Victoria DeAngelis  

Victoria DeAngelis (WRT 102, Fall 2017)

Instructor: Cynthia Davidson


Kehong You (WRT 102, 2017)

Instructor: Mary Ann Duffy


Michelle Jiang eportfolio  

Michelle Jiang (first place, Legacy)

I wanted a layout that fully illustrates who I am as an individual, and I succeeded that by designing my eportfolio to have a gentle and calm color palate. Also, by keeping the layout simple I allow my audience to focus more on my writing pieces than being distracted by my layout. With each writing piece I supplement the text with an image that correlates to what the main theme of that paper would be. In addition, for my writings that contain illustrations, I purposefully have a gallery directly on my eportfolio so that the readers have an easier access referencing between my writing and the correlated photos.  
Wendy Zheng eportfolio  

Wendy Zheng (first place, WRT 102)

The design and format of my ePortfolio reveals not only who I am as a writer but foreshadows what the reader will experience as they explore its contents. Furthermore, the layout of the pages are clear and easy to follow.  









Ammarah Zaidi eportfolio  

Ammarah Zaidi (third place, Legacy)

I've worked very hard to make sure my portfolio stands out. With article-like passages in ESG 201 section, to my own stories written during summer, this e-portfolio not only stands out in an artistic sense but also an educational one.











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