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Graduate Courses

WRT/EGL 506 Literary Theory: Rhetoric
A survey of rhetoric done largely in two takes: first, as the art of persuasion, and second, as a perspective in literary criticism. The course also examines special topics, for example, is logic gendered? A major goal of the course is to enable students to recognize a rhetorical treatment of a subject matter.

WRT/EGL 509 History and Structure of English
This course is an introduction to the linguistic, grammatical, and stylistic analysis of literary texts, from the Old English period to the late eighteenth century, though some attention is also paid to non-literary texts, especially in non-standard varieties of English.

WRT/EGL 592 Problems in the Teaching of Writing
This course provides an overview of writing pedagogy as applied to tutoring in a Writing Center or an English classroom. 

WRT/EGL 612 Composition Theory 
This course explores the relationship between reading and writing skills, the differences between speech production and writing production, and the relationship between literacy, culture and language policies.

WRT/EGL 613 Research in Composition 
This course provides an introduction to the nature of empirical research in composition studies. Students will survey landmark research studies, learn how to read research reports critically, and conduct a mini-research project in their own classrooms or tutoring situations to analyze underlying causes of students' writing problems.

WRT/EGL 614 Topics In Composition And Writing
Topics vary from semester to semester, may include Classical Rhetoric, Digital Rhetorics, Global Rhetorics, and other specific topics.

WRT/EGL 698 Practicum in Teaching Writing 
This course provides hands-on experience and instruction in the basics of writing pedagogy, including designing writing assignments, sequencing assignments, motivating writing, writing skill development and evaluating writing. Students will also be given a preliminary overview of the major theories driving composition pedagogy.

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