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Program Philosophy   

The Program in Writing and Rhetoric believes that writing is an ongoing process of discovery, synthesis, and analysis, as well as a finished product of communication. We teach and reinforce the habits of mind and behaviors of successful writers. We endorse and practice collaborative learning through our small workshop classes of no more than twenty students, where we foster an environment of critical dialogue and extensive feedback and support.

In the writing classroom students compose in nearly every session and all other work, such as reading assignments, discussion, and so on, explicitly supports the act of writing. A workshop environment means that students work with one another: planning, writing, synthesizing, analyzing, evaluating, designing, revising, rewriting, editing, reading, rereading, and publishing. We believe that no matter what major you choose or career path you take, writing will play a vital role in your success.

The PWR will accompany you throughout your career at Stony Brook, from admission to graduation. We are a community of writers.