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New Faculty Khost

Peter Khost

Peter earned his Ph.D. in English with a concentration in composition studies from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His M.A. and B.A. are from Rutgers and FordhamUniversities, respectively. He has published on pedagogical and professional issues in higher education, and his diverse scholarly interests include writing program administration; autoethnography; the literature/composition divide; critical university studies; collaboration; assessing writing; and holistic or contemplative education, especially mindfulness and "felt sense" theory.

Khost teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at every level, 100-600, at Stony Brook University, and he is the former Associate Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, and former Director of the Writing Center. He serves on the University's Undergraduate Council and maintains leadership positions on national, regional, and institutional committees in his field. Peter played integral roles in the creation of the new writing minor and development of cross-curricular writing initiatives at SBU. He developed and teaches the writing program's professional writing course and will soon offer another new course of his own design: Rhetorics of Love and Compassion.