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(ii). Fluorides:

1. Synthesis of a family of  single-crystalline alkaline earth metal fluoride nanowires (CaF 2, BaF 2, and SrF 2)  of varying controllable sizes using a modified room-temperature, template-assisted method, without the use of either sophisticated experimental setups or high-temperature annealing. Moreover, the diameters of as-fabricated nanowires could be controlled by choosing polycarbonate membranes with predictable pore sizes. 

Ref.:  Adv. Mater.,  v.18, 1895 (2006).


2. Generalized green synthesis of  single-crystalline KMnF 3 and NH 4MnF 3 nanorods  as well as of their rare-earth ion doped analogues, possessing reproducible shape and controllable size, was achieved using a modified template-directed approach under ambient room-temperature conditions, with simple inorganic salts as functional precursors. We have studied the antiferromagnetism of as-prepared ternary metal fluoride nanorods as well as the luminescence of their as-doped counterparts. 

Ref.:  Adv. Funct. Mater. (inside cover),  v.18, 103 (2008).


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