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The WSE 380 course prepares students in their future endeavors as researchers by giving them hands-on access early in their undergraduate careers.  The connections the students make during this course often extend well beyond the semester, with students finding research opportunities based on their valuable lab experiences.  A sample of research experiences offered include:

•    Hands-on Science with Radio Waves
•    Syntax and EEG
•    Detectors in Particle Physics at Brookhaven National Lab
•    Topology of Curves, Department of Mathematics
•    Learning Raman and UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Materials Characterization, Department of Biomedical Engineering
•    Time Resolved Crystallography, Brookhaven National Laboratory
•    Making Sense of Bat Senses
•    DNA Fingerprinting at Brookhaven National Lab
•    Techniques in Basic Cancer Research
•    The Role of Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells in Brain Development, Myelination and Brain Repair
•    Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory
•    Socio-cognitive process of memory
•    Learning the basics of cell culture
•    Project Management at Brookhaven National Laboratory


WISE students are encouraged to pursue internships with local organizations.  WISE students benefit from our network of contacts in private industry.  For help in finding an internship opportunity, students are welcome to come to the WISE office to check available positions. Recent internships have included:

•    Riverhead Foundation
•    Humanology Project
•    Mosquitoes Be Gone
•    Zebra Techologies