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Starting in Fall 2017, all incoming WISE students will follow a 20 credit sequence taken over four years, along with their major and degree requirements. The four-year curriculum is designed to promote academics, research, service and leadership. 

A. Course Sequence

A WISE Honors student must take the following course sequence (or their equivalents): 




Any semester


First year

ITS 101 (1c)

WSE105 (1c)



Research and career

Second year

WSE 201 (3c)

(offered both semesters)

WSE 380 (3c)

(offered both semesters)



Third year

WSE 381 (1c)

(offered both semesters)

WSE Practicum

(total 4 credits)

WSE 475, WSE 477,

WSE 487, WSE 488


Fourth year

WSE 401 (1c)

(offered both semesters)


WSE 495 (3c)

WSE 496 (3c)


Thesis or Design Project

• Students will take ITS 101 and WSE 105 in the first year.
• WISE Practicum for a total of 4 credits can be taken at the same time or after WSE 381. This can be accomplished by taking WISE Practicum Courses (WSE 475/477/487/488) or courses under a different designator with the appropriate approval. Students need to take at least two different Practicum courses.
• Students entering WISE Honors after the first semester of their first year will follow a modified course program according to the time spent in College and the approval of the WISE Program.
• Every WISE student must submit a letter of intent containing a detailed description of the student’s intended senior thesis or design project in WSE 495/496. An appropriate thesis (single-authored by the student) must be submitted at the end of the second semester and an oral report must be made at the annual WISE Symposium. These rules apply to students doing their theses or projects under the WSE designator or under a departmental designator. Students must obtain WISE program approval for registration under a designator other than WSE.

B. Requirements to have WISE Honors transcript notation

• Pass all of the courses of WISE Honors with a B or higher grade
• Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
• Not be found guilty of academic dishonesty

Students who receive a grade of B- or lower in a WISE Honors course (those with the WSE designator) may request to repeat the course toward WISE Honors requirements.

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