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WISE Honors Program hosts “All Respect For All” Panel About Diversity & Inclusion

February 20, 2020

Approximately 150 students attended a fascinating panel hosted by the WISE Honors program  at Stony Brook University this past week. The " All Respect for All " event was a successful forum for important conversations about inclusivity, respect, and diversity on college campuses. 

“The goal was to raise consciousness about how creating inclusive environments may benefit all.” said Doreen Aveni , WISE Honors Program Administrator . “Our keynote speaker eloquently highlighted the work of HeForShe and its positive impact globally.” 

The event’s keynote speaker was Diana Parry,   a Professor and Associate Vice-President for  Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Parry highlighted the topic of feminism and the origins and outcomes of the #MeToo movement. Follwing the keynote, Parry joined a panel comprised of Stony Brook University leaders. The panel was moderated by Judith Greiman, Senior Vice President for Government & Community Relations and Chief Deputy to the President.

Panelists were Judith Brown Clarke, the newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer, Kenneth Kaushansky , Dean of the School of Medicine & Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, Nicole S. Sampson, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences & Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, and  Eric Wertheimer,   Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and Dean of the Graduate School. The panelists shared their experiences with issues of respect on college campuses and spoke of the actions they took when necessary to address issues of disrespect.  Following the panel, the audience engaged in a lively Q&A discussion about topics pertaining to inclusivity and gender.

“Our panelists shared their own perspectives and the work they are doing to enact positive change here at Stony Brook University.” said WISE Honors Program Administrator Doreen Aveni . Aveni concluded the event to be highly successful and is thankful for the panelists for sharing their thoughts, and for the students for their attentiveness.

All Respect for All