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WISE Students Meet with AAU Representatives

February 20, 2020

We started the morning with a meeting with the Association of American Universities (AAU) representatives, Emily Miller Associate VP of Policy and Tara King, Education Project Coordinator. Our representatives met with four WISE students and had an interesting discussion. 

They talked about how WISE helped our students survive and succeed here at Stony Brook. What is the most helpful aspect of the WISE program? What are some recommendations our students have to improve Stony Brook University?

The students agreed that WISE had helped them tremendously in their academic success. “I probably wouldn’t be at Stony Brook if it wasn’t for WISE,” said Lexie Bakke, SLC President.

Our students agreed unanimously that the most helpful aspect of WISE is the mentoring program that aided them both personally and socially in creating the many connections and friendships they have today. 

The students discussed their recommendations and stated that the events WISE hosts at the beginning of each semester (Research101 & Research102) are assets to students as they allow them to gain more knowledge on their professor’s work outside of the classroom.

“It’s really hard to please everyone at WISE with just one specific STEM field or topic,” said Emily, a junior in the WISE program. “I would recommend asking certain STEM fields to host specific events for each department to learn about the research professors conduct.”

The students even recommended a “Research Week” initiative. This event would allow students to know what is going on outside of the teaching environment. Students would be able to learn what professors are doing research on and what they are passionate about.  The students also stated that this initiative will allow students to gain the confidence to talk to professors.