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February 2018 at Charles B. Wang Center

A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

As we begin the new year, I would like to thank you for taking part in the Charles B. Wang Center’s programs. Through your participation and interest, we are not only able to bring Asian art and culture to life, but we can also share them with the Stony Brook community and much of Long Island.

The Wang Center will celebrate even more diverse Asian arts and culture this year, and I am proud to present new cultural programs for you all to enjoy this season. These programs will highlight a theme you might think a little unusual, but one I hope you will find fascinating: the potato! From the exhibit Potasia: Potatoism in the East, to lectures about the potato’s place in Asian art and history, to workshops integrating potato materials and motifs—these are just some of the programs that may teach you a lot about that humble starchy vegetable. We will of course be holding our annual celebration of Lunar New Year and a cherry blossom festival as well.

You help make the Wang Center an inspiring place for everyone to learn and have fun, and we are grateful for your continuing enthusiasm and generosity.

With best wishes for a happy and auspicious Year of the Dog in 2018,

Jinyoung A. Jin
Director of Cultural Programs

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