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University Police

The Stony Brook University Police Department is a fully accredited law enforcement agency recognized by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), and is comprised of approximately 150 employees, including 71 sworn law enforcement officers. All our members are oriented to serve the needs of our campus community. For the UPD website, click here.

Community Relations
The members of the University Police are committed to community policing and are
actively involved in campus activities. The goal of the Community Relations Team is to educate the campus community on personal safety, risk awareness, crime prevention (including date and acquaintance rape prevention), drug and alcohol risk awareness, and many other community safety issues. The unit's 39 members accomplish their mission through formal talks, informal talks, and new student and employee orientation programs and have an exceptional working relationship with groups and organizations on campus. For more information, click here.

Active Shooter Training
Since the tragic events at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, Upmqua Community College,
and other schools and universities, many people have asked what they should do in the event of an "active shooter" incident on campus. These situations are unpredictable. However, there are a few steps that can be taken immediately to protect oneself.  An interactive discussion/lecture to help the campus community recognize potential workplace violence indicators and to instill within the campus community the knowledge, skills, abilities, and mindset necessary to respond to an active shooter threat. F or more information, click on our Active Shooter Page.

SB Guardian
SB Guardian is frequently referred to as a"personal blue light phone" in your pocket.
The system functions in two primary ways: 
  • Panic Call mode, and
  • Precautionary Timer
Click here to learn more.

Emergency Management Plan
In order to respond effectively to emergency situations, Stony Brook University
maintains an Emergency Management Plan and has created an Emergency Operations Center and an Emergency Management Team. The team is trained to evaluate and respond to major emergency situations using the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS ensures effective management of the people, organizations, and resources utilized in response to emergencies. For more information, click here.

Emergency Management

What is SB Alert?

SB Alerts are emergency alerts from the Stony Brook University Emergency Operations Center. Click here to register for SB Alerts. 
Safety Warden Program
What is the Safety Warden Program? Click here for more information. 
Locks, Keys and Other Security Systems
How do I get assistance with keys, locks and other security systems? Click here.
Personal Safety on Campus
What are some ways that I can be better personally prepared on campus?  Click here for more information.
Other Resources
What other resources are available to me on campus? For more information, click here.