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One-Campus  IT Operations (OCITO)

Conversation with the One-Campus IT Operations Working Group
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Rose Martinelli in conversation with the OCITO sponsors and co-chairs on the working group’s objectives and work so far, and the findings of a recent survey assessing campus input about the IT tools and technologies in use. Includes Q&A as well as next steps as we work to enhance IT processes and systems for all stakeholders.


Identify the risks, challenges, and opportunities that can lead to an institution-wide unification through shared technology resources, with the longer-term goal of improving collaboration and productivity, while eliminating redundancy and reducing costs.

Scope of Work:

A key enabler for achieving our one-campus strategy is a gradual transition to a single campus identity and shared technology resources to reduce costs and complexity and facilitate ease of collaboration and coordination.  This working group will initially identify operational opportunities and challenges through continuous engagement with all relevant stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, and administration).  The working group will then provide feedback to technical and administrative teams, reporting to the Executive Leadership Committee.  As this project includes multiple phases of work, the working group will be responsible for developing comprehensive multi-staged implementation programs including timeline, costs, risks and mitigation strategies to support the one-campus strategy for leadership consideration and approval. Finally, the working group will work with University Communications, to assist in the development of a campus-wide communication plan (including FAQs, surveys, and town-halls) throughout the process and to support the transition.


The complex and ambitious One-Campus effort requires a standing committee that can commit over a longer time period.  Therefore, this working group is expected to be active for about two years years and possibly longer.  The working group will begin by investigating all the opportunities and developing a comprehensive inventory of all systems at all campuses.  The first major transition will likely involve a unified user identity management (e.g., secure single sign on): this is a critical precursor to the potential unification of any other software systems.

Task Forces

The working group will spawn several smaller, shorter term task-forces, each led by a core working group member, to look more closely at specific issues (e.g., cybersecurity, SSO, email, HR, procurement). These task forces would run for shorter time periods (e.g., a few months) and include other members from campus as needed. Membership in these task forces will be determined by the co-chairs of the working group, the core working group member, and the ex-officio officer. 


Margaret Schedel (Chair, Department of Art; Music)

Mathew A. Tharakan (Acting Chief Medical Information Officer, Stony Brook Medicine)

Erez Zadok (Computer Science)

Core Working Group Members

Judith B. Clark (Vice President for Equity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer)

David Cyrille (Assistant Vice President/Chief Research Information Officer)

Moises Eisenberg (Liaison for Academic IT, Health Sciences Schools; Renaissance School of Medicine)

Laura Greenberg (Manager, Human Resources)

Robert Harrison (Director, Institute for Advanced Computational Science; Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Andrew Hoffman (Security Officer, Stony Brook Medicine)

Andrea Lipack (Senior Director of Career Center Operations)

Heather McLaughlin (Senior Manager of Enterprise Project Management)

Melissa Murphy (Associate Facilities Program Coordinator)

Matthew Nappi (AVP & Chief Information Security Officer)

Michele Thomas (Director of Materials Management Information System, Stony Brook Medicine)

Susanne Walsh (Senior Director of Operations, Communications and Marketing)


Carol Gomes (CEO, COO for Stony Brook University Hospital)

Charlie McMahon (Interim SVPIT & CIO)

Rose Martinelli (Vice President for Strategic Initiatives)