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J-1 Intern Category

J-1 Student Intern is a foreign national who is currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary institution outside the U.S. and whose U.S. internship will fulfill the educational objectives of his or her current degree program. The J intern program is intended to allow such individuals to develop practical skills in the U.S. that will enhance their future careers and foster ongoing collaboration among the intern’s home institution, entities in the intern’s home country, and U.S. institutions and entities.  

All foreign nationals that are current students in another country and coming to SBU to fulfill educational objectives of his/her current degree program MUST be considered J-1 Interns.

Duration: The maximum duration of a J internship is 12 months and may not be extended. 22 C.F.R. § 62.22.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester: June 15
Spring Semester: October 15
Summer Session 1 or Full Session: March 15
Summer Session 2: April 15

It is required that Student Intern requests are submitted by the above deadlines to ensure arrival by the start of each term. Internship program start dates must coincide with the academic semester calendar.

Course Enrollment:

All J-1 Student Interns are required to register for an associated 1 credit Research/Internship course for each term(s) that correspond with the internship program..

Language Proficiency:

As per SBU policy, J-1 Student Interns are required to meet the same language proficiency requirements as all other SBU students. A minimum 85 TOEFL IBT or 6.5 IELTS is required for Graduate level interns, and a minimum 80 TOEFL IBT or 6.5 IELTS is required for Undergraduate level interns.

Student indicating any language other than English as their first/native language will be required to submit scores from a recognized English language exam. No waivers will be given to applicants for the J-1 Intern program.

Admission Procedure:

All J-1 Intern requests in accessVIS will be automatically routed to the appropriate admitting office (Graduate School or IAP) for review.  The Admitting offices will verify the degree qualifications and language proficiency.  J-1 Interns must be admitted as visiting non-matriculated students.


J-1 Intern Financial Requirements 2018/2019*

  Summer Session 0 One Semester     Two Semesters
Tuition & Fees $ 1,126 $1,167 $ 2,260
Living Expenses $ 5,859 $9,066 $ 20,248
Health Insurance $ 490 $825 $ 1,471
Total: $ 7,475 $11,058 $ 23,978

* Costs listed are estimates and subject to change without notice.


AccessVIS Instructions:

STEP 1: Department Administrator logs into accessVIS to begin the J-1 Student Intern Request.

  1. Click here, or enter in your browser.
  2. Click the Administrative Services for University Departments link (at the bottom of the screen).
  3. Login using your netID and password.
  4. Expand the Scholar & Faculty Services window (located on left menu bar), and select J-1 Student Intern Request.
  5. Enter the prospective Exchange Visitor’s (EV) Stony Brook ID# and date of birth.

 Submitting the Student Intern Program Details form.

Department Administrator is asked to provide basic information regarding the proposed activity and the visitor’s Primary Faculty/Principal Investigator (PI).  Depending on the prospective Student Intern’s appointment, the following documents may be required:

  • Student Intern's Invitation Letter (Click here to view a sample letter)
  • Employment Letter (if appointed to State/Research Foundation payroll)
  • Personnel Requisition (if appointed to payroll)
  • Letter of Support/Clearance from Partnering Institution (if applicable)

Upon submission of the Student Intern Program Details form, the Student Intern’s supervisor will receive an email requesting details pertaining to the activity or activities of the proposed Student Intern. 

STEP 3: 
Submitting the Chair’s Compliance Agreement form.

Visa & Immigration Services is responsible for ensuring departmental and institutional compliance with J-1 regulations.  Submission of this form will trigger an email to the Department Chair requesting his/her certification of the host departments’ understanding, and willingness to comply with J-1 regulations.

Additionally, submission of the Compliance Agreement form will trigger the first email to the prospective Student Intern informing them that a J-1 Student Intern Request has been initiated on their behalf, and requesting they log into accessVIS to complete the following forms:

  • Biographical Information
  • Student Intern Credentials
  • Dependent Spouse/Child (if applicable)
  • Proof of Financial Eligibility

STEP 4: Screening against Deemed Export Controls.

VIS will initiate communication to the Office of Research Compliance requesting the prospective EV be screened against Deemed Export Controls. Such screening is necessary to ensure that neither the J applicant nor the home institution/employer has been designated as a denied or restricted party under U.S. law, and that the visitor’s proposed agenda complies with additional relevant federal laws.

STEP 5: J-1 Student Intern Request undergoes Initial Review by Visa and Immigration Services (VIS)

Once screened, the Department Administrator will be notified that proposed Exchanged Visitor's J-1 Scholar Request is under review by Visa & Immigration Services. Please allow 10 business days for review.

If the J-1 Student Intern category is deemed most appropriate for the activities associated with the proposed Exchange Visitor visit, the DS-2019 and DS-7002 will be issued and the department administrator contacted to collect the necessary documents from VIS. The host department is responsible for shipping the materials to the prospective scholar.

If the J-1 Scholar/Researcher category is deemed most appropriate for the activities associated with the proposed EV’s visit, additional information is required.  The department will receive an email from VIS instructing them to login to accessVIS to submit the J-1 Scholar Request.

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