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Host Department Responsibilities

  1. Notify Visa and Immigration Services in advance of any changes in the terms or conditions of the EV's program. Including:
    • changes in site(s) of activity
    • employment or payment not listed on the DS-2019
    • and/pr early completion

  2. J-1 Exchange Visitors must have specific written approval from VIS for any employment on or off campus. Unauthorized employment may result in termination from the exchange program.   Under federal law, certain volunteer activities may be construed to be employment.  Please check with VIS if you have any questions about content and scope of permissible work.

  3. Notify VIS in the event of an emergency involving the Exchange Visitor, as well as any information that we receive about the Exchange Visitor that might represent a possible threat to their safety, security, welfare, or general well-being.

  4. Inform the EV of health insurance requirements and responsibility of premium payments.

  5. Ensure that the EV has appropriate academic credentials for their category and for their position.

  6. Confirm that the J-1 visa program will not be used for tenure-track or tenured faculty appointments.

  7. Provide adequate office space and support to the EV for the duration of his/her program at Stony Brook University.

  8. Requests for extensions of J-1 status or transfer to a different J-1 program sponsor should be submitted in accessVIS at least 30 days in advance of the proposed extension or transfer.

  9. Notify VIS through accessVIS if the Exchange Visitor departs the program early. Federal regulations require that an exchange visitor’s departure from the program be reported to SEVIS immediately.

  10. Any leave of absence (paid or unpaid) including those required to accommodate a medical condition or family medical leave must be addressed with VIS and documented, as required, by federal regulation.

  11. J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitors are required to file tax documents with the Internal Revenue Service for each tax reporting period they are present in the US.  Some may also need to file state tax forms. The exchange visitor is responsible for ensuring that s/he meets tax requirements.
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