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Faculty/Scholar Initiated Requests for Continuing Exchange Visitors

Effective April 20th, all requests must be submitted electronically through accessVIS.  The following requests are to be submitted/initiated by the J-1 Scholar/Intern in accessVIS.  To access the electronic request form, login to accessVIS through "Full Services" using your netID and password, once in the system, expand the Scholar/Faculty Services menu located on the left side bar.

Electronic Request Title

Electronic Request Description

Address Update Maintaining current and accurate address information is a requirement of your immigration status.  This form allows for electronic reporting of any changes to your email, local or foreign home address to VIS.

Authorization for Release of Information Submission of this form authorizes Visa and Immigration Services to release or discuss certain specified information with the identified person(s).

Ending My J-1 Status Submission of this form notifies Visa & Immigration Services of your intentions to end your J-1 or H-1 program, so that we may complete, update, and close your electronic record. 

Immigration Document Update The purpose of this form is to allow International Scholars/Employees to update their immigration documents with Visa and Immigration Services (VIS).  Please ONLY submit this form if your foreign address has changed and/or you wish to update any of the following documents:
J-1 Program Transfer The purpose of this form is for J-1 Scholars/Interns to request their SEVIS record be transferred to another U.S. Institution as long as there is no change in the program goal or stated objective, as evidenced by the Subject/Field Code (Part 4) on the Form DS-2019.

J-1 Student Intern Evaluation Submission of this form, triggers an email to your Sponsoring Professor / Faculty Advisor requesting details pertaining to your progress and performance. In accordance with U.S. Department of State Regulations, the Faculty Advisor/Principal Investigator (PI) of a J-1 Student Intern must provide an evaluation of the Intern’s progress and performance. J-1 Student Intern Evaluations must be completed at the end of the internship, and those internships which last longer than 6 months also require at least one additional mid-program evaluation.

J-2 Dependent Spouse/Child Request An active J-1 Scholar/Intern, already in the U.S., may submit this electronic form to request a Form DS-2019 for a dependent spouse or child.  

Removal of J-2 Dependent(s): The principal J-1 Scholar/Intern is required to keep their Form DS-2019 up-to-date at all times.  This form allows you to notify VIS and request that your dependent spouse/child be removed from your SEVIS record as a result of their departure from the U.S., approved change of status, divorce, etc.

Site of Activity Add/Change J-1 Exchange Visitors in every category must request permission in advance to engage in activity at location not already listed on their SEVIS record.  Authorization for short-term visits, long-term visits, or to changes to the “primary” activity site may be request through submission of this form.

Travel Signature Request In order to reenter the U.S. after traveling outside of the country, you must have a travel signature on your DS-2019 - this signature confirms that you are maintaining lawful state.  To request a travel signature, complete the electronic request form in accessVIS, then com to VIS with your passport, I-94 electronic Arrival/Departure document, and DS-2019. 
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