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J Exchange Visitor Faculty, Scholars and Interns

Updated J exchange application procedures and information (6/20/14).

Greetings from Stony Brook University Visa and Immigration Services (VIS).  We recently updated our procedures and website materials for departments that want to sponsor J Exchange Visitors, including J scholars, short-term scholars, professors, and student interns (“J student interns” or “J interns”). Please review this memo on J exchange visitor procedures in conjunction with the new forms and explanations provided. We also recommend that you share this memo with your prospective J exchange visitor.

  1. Ascertain compliance with federal export control laws.  Prior to sending offer letters to prospective J Exchange Visitors, please send their names, the names of their home institutions/employers, and a summary of the visitor’s proposed work  to Susan Gasparo, Assistant Director for Export Control Compliance, for screening against federal export control lists. This screening is necessary to ensure that neither the J applicant nor the home institution/employer has been designated as a denied or restricted party under U.S. law, and that the visitor’s proposed agenda complies with additional relevant federal laws. Ms. Gasparo’s e-mail address is:

  2. Ms. Gasparo will e-mail you the results of the screening. If requirements are met, please notify VIS.*  Then determine which of the exchange visitor categories set out below most likely meets the needs and objectives of the host department and the prospective visitor, and submit the appropriate request forms and supporting documents to VIS at least 8 weeks prior to the desired start date. Documents and Forms

  3. All prospective J Exchange Visitors must show that they

    1. Have sufficient funds to cover all living costs in the U.S for applicant and dependents. 22 C.F.R. §§41.62 (a) (2). See page 6 of Request for J visa DS-2019 issuance for specific information and costs.

    2. Are highly proficient in English. 22 C.F.R. §§41.62 (a) (3). See page 3 of Request for J visa DS-2019 Application for rules regarding proof of language proficiency. 

    3. Maintain sufficient insurance for accident and illness for themselves and their family members, including specified coverage for medical, hospital,  See 22 C.F.R. § 62.14. Note that the SBU administration requires J scholars, short-term scholars, and student interns to purchase SBU insurance. See page 6 of Request for J visa DS-2019 application for specific information and costs.

    4. Do not have the intent to remain in the U.S. permanently at the time of application and admission. See 22 C.F.R. §62.20 (d) (1). Accordingly, the prospective Exchange Visitor cannot be a candidate for a tenure track position.

  4. J exchange visitor categories

    1. J research scholar/professor: Research scholars are individuals primarily conducting, consulting or collaborating with researchers at a recognized U.S. academic institution. Research scholars may also teach or lecture unless disallowed by the sponsoring institution. See 22 C.F.R § 62.4 (f). Professors are individuals primarily teaching, lecturing, observing, or consulting at a post-secondary accredited educational institution. Professors may also conduct research unless disallowed by the sponsor. See 22 C.F.R. §62.4(e).

      Duration: 3 weeks minimum up to 5 years maximum.  No extensions beyond 5 year maximum. See 22 C.F.R. §62.20 (i) (1).

    2. J short-term scholar: A research scholar whose work in the U.S. will last no longer than 6 months. No extensions beyond 6 months maximum. See C.F.R. §62.21(g).

    3. J student intern: A foreign national who is currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary institution outside the U.S. and whose U.S. internship will fulfill the educational objectives of his or her current degree program. The J intern program is intended to allow such individuals to develop practical skills in the U.S. that will enhance their future careers and foster ongoing collaboration among the intern’s home institution, entities in the intern’s home country, and U.S. institutions and entities.  

      Duration: The maximum duration of a J internship is 12 months and may not be extended. 22 C.F.R. § 62.22.

    4. Home residence requirement for prospective J Exchange Visitors: J scholars and professors may be subject to the 8 U.S.C. § 1182 bar (commonly known as the “212 (e) home residence requirement”), which mandates that certain J-visa holders return to their country of nationality or last residence for an aggregate of two years after departure from the U.S., before applying for permanent residence or an H or L visa or for a change of status inside the U.S. to most other non-immigrant classifications.

  5. If you have questions about whether the prospective visitor should be classified as a J scholar, a J short-term scholar, or a J student intern, please contact Nancy Lannak, or Elsy Arieta-Padro. *


Filing requests for Prospective J-Scholars

All prospective Exchange Visitors and their host departments must complete a request for a DS-2019, attach the required documentation, and submit the packet to our office. See 22 C.F.R. § 62.22.

Filing requests for Prospective J -Student interns

In addition to completing the request for a DS-2019, all prospective J interns and their host departments must complete a request for a DS-7002, attach the required documentation, and submit the packet to our office. See 22 C.F.R. § 62.22.

Submit completed packets to:

SBU VIS Office
E5310 Melville Library
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11794-3393  

Once all federal government and SBU requirements are satisfied, VIS will notify the host department that the DS-2019 is ready to be issued. The department must arrange to pick up the DS-2019 and documentation packet from the VIS office. The host department is responsible for shipping the materials to the prospective scholar. J visa applicants should check the US consulate website specific to their home countries to ascertain whether additional documentation may be required. J visa applicants are responsible for making their own appointments with the appropriate U.S. consular office. VIS recommends that J visa applicants not purchase non-refundable airline tickets until the consulate issues the J visa.

Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks to assemble J requests and supporting documents.  Accurately completed requests submitted with all supporting documents can be processed more quickly. To allow us to provide you the most efficient service possible, please ask questions sooner rather than later.


We look forward to working with you.


_______________________________________________ (2-1103),

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