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Executive Order Details & Updates


Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak - 6/22/2020

President Trump today signed a proclamation that will suspend the entry of foreign nationals in the H-1B, L-1, H-2B, J-1 categories, and related categories for dependents, with some exceptions. The nonimmigrant ban takes effect at 12:01am EDT on June 24, and will be in place through December 31, 2020.

In addition, the proclamation extends the existing ban on certain immigrant entries through December 31, 2020, effective immediately.

The proclamation is part of the Trump Administration’s response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the entry bans, President Trump also ordered the Department of Homeland Security to promulgate regulations that could make it more challenging for foreign nationals to be sponsored for H-1B nonimmigrant status or for green cards in the EB-2 and EB-3 categories.

Who is subject to the nonimmigrant ban? 
The proclamation restricts the entry of the following categories of nonimmigrants, if they are outside the United States as of 12:01am EDT on June 24 and do not hold a valid visa, advance parole or other U.S. travel document:

  • H-1B and H-2B nonimmigrants;
  • L-1A executives and managers;
  • L-1B specialized knowledge workers;
  • J-1 interns, trainees, teachers, camp counselors, au pairs and Summer Work Travel participants; and
  • Their dependent spouses and children.

Consider these important clarifications:

  • Individuals currently inside the U.S. in H-1B status are not immediately impacted by this proclamation.
  • This includes those seeking a change of non-immigrant status within the U.S.
  • Absent further guidance, H-1B-eligible individuals outside the U.S. but already holding a valid H-1B visa as of 6/24/20 should be able to use that visa to enter the U.S. 
  • H-1B eligible individuals outside the U.S. and without a valid H-1B visa stamp are impacted, as visa issuance is suspended through December 31,2020.
    • If you are employed by Stony Brook University or Research Foundation through the university and fall into this category, please email immediately including your name and SBU ID. 
    • Exemptions or other options may be possible on a case-by-case basis.
    • This includes both NEW and CONTINUING employees.
  • Absent further guidance, it appears that Canadians citizens, who are exempt from the visa requirements, would be eligible for admission to the U.S.
  • Current H-1B employees inside the U.S. and whose H-1B approval status expires within 6 months, should work with his/her department to start the renewal process in accessVIS immediately. 

We ask those outside the U.S. and impacted by this proclamation email immediately.