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    Select the tabs for a brief overview of Stony Brook University’s tuition, fees and housing charges for Undergraduate and Graduate students studying in F-1 status. In order to obtain a Form I-20,  applicants must provide sufficient proof of liquid funds which meet or exceed the first year's estimated educational and living expenses.

    Please be advised that these charges are subject to change, and funding amounts considered sufficient may vary from year to year. Some programs have special tuition and fees (MBA, DPT, PA, DDS, MD) which are not listed.

    For information on scholarship opportunities and private education loan lending institutions, visit SBU's Financial Aid website.

    - Tuition & fees subject to change without notice -

  • F-1 Undergraduate Full-Time

    F-1 Undergraduate: Full-Time Tuition & Fees

    Expenses Fall 2023-Spring 2024
    12 Credits/Semester
    Tuition & Fees $28,873
    Living Expenses $20,900
    Health Insurance $2,671
    TOTAL $52,444
  • F-1 Graduate Full-Time

    F-1 Graduate: Full-Time Tuition & Fees

    Expenses Stipended: 9 Credits
    Fall 2023-Spring 2024
    Unstipended: 9 Credits
    Fall 2023-Spring 2024
    Tuition & Fees $20,022 $20,022
    Living Expenses $18,560 $18,560
    Health Insurance $692 $2,671
    TOTAL $39,274 $41,253
  • Acceptable Sources of Funding

    Acceptable Sources of Funding

    Documentation of funding must be provided on official letterhead (with a translation in English), and include the amount of funding available.

    Summer 0 or I students: Bank statements must be dated on or after December 1st.

    Summer II students: Bank statements must be dated on or after January 1st.

    Fall students: Bank statements must be dated on or after March 1st.

    Spring students: Bank statements must be dated on or after August 1st.

    The total between all sources of funding need to meet or exceed the estimated cost for one academic year of expenses.

    Please note that the amount of funding in U.S. Dollars will be based on the currency conversion rate on the day your I-20 request is processed.

    Personal funds
    Support from family/other private individuals
    Stony Brook University funding
    U.S. or foreign government support
    Agency or business support
    Education loan
  • SEVIS Fee
    SEVIS Fee

    The SEVIS fee is a one-time fee that covers the costs of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Regulation requires all prospective F and J students to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee before the Department of State issues you a visa.

    For most people, the I-901 SEVIS Fee is $350. See the Fee Amount Chart for more detailed information. To pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, visit

    You can watch the I-901 SEVIS Fee payment tutorial to learn about each step of the payment process.

    This fee is not a University fee and provides no funds or services to the University.

    Who must pay the SEVIS fee?
    Who does NOT have to pay the SEVIS fee?

    When and How to Pay the SEVIS Fee

    When do I pay the SEVIS fee?
    Paying the SEVIS fee online
    Paying the SEVIS fee by mail
    To pay by Western Union Quick Pay

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the SEVIS fee refundable?
    Will the DHS keep a record of my SEVIS fee payment?