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Filing the Form I-765 Online

This page provides detailed instructions on how to fill out the I-765 if you are applying for the 24 month STEM Extension online. If you instead wish to file the I-765 for STEM by mail, we have a separate resource for that.

The following instructions are provided as a service solely to the international students of Stony Brook University who are applying for the 24 month STEM Extension. Due to frequent government updates, VIS may make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents on this page at any time without prior notice.

These directions are meant to help you in completing your application but should not be considered legal advice. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services ultimately provides the decision on your STEM application. It is your responsibility, as the applicant, to ensure that your application is accurate and complete before you submit it to the US government. Incomplete applications could result in a delay in processing time or denial. Stony Brook University in no event shall be held liable for any delay, denial, or mistake on your STEM application.

Important Reminders

  • Do not submit an online application if you have already filed by mail. Duplicate applications may be denied by USCIS.;
  • You may only file Form I-765 online from within the U.S. You are not eligible to apply for STEM Extension from outside the country.
  • While filing Form I-765 online may be quicker and easier than filing by mail, it does not speed up the time required for USCIS to adjudicate your application.See the USCIS websitefor current processing times.
  • Do not file the Form I-765 online until you have received your updated Form I-20 recommending STEM OPT.
  • Once you submit your application, you cannot go back to edit or change information. Please contact your VIS advisor immediately if you believe you have provided incorrect or incomplete information when filing Form I-765. Failing to do so can result in Requests for Evidence (RFEs), processing delays, or the denial of your application by USCIS.
  • USCIS has the discretion to require biometrics appointments on a case-by-case basis.

You MUST submit your I-765 and supporting documents to USCIS before the expiration of your Post-Completion OPT and within 60 days of the issue date of your OPT Form I-20 (listed on page 1, next to your advisor's signature).

How to Apply

Step 1: Gather your supporting documents
Step 2: Create an online account or sign into an already existing account
Step 3: Begin filling out your form
Step 4: Review, submit, & pay the fee
Step 5: Track the status of your application
Step 6: Report the approval of your STEM Extension

Understand Your Reporting Requirements

Students on STEM OPT are required to report any and all changes to employment, address, name, status, etc. within 10 days, and are required to complete scheduled participation reports and evaluations at specific points throughout the extension period.

Download the STEM Calculator to determine and track your reporting deadlines.

For more information, review our Reporting Requirements for STEM OPT page.