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Program Completion

Your immigration status ends with the completion of your studies, regardless of the completion date on the SEVIS Form I-20 / DS-2019. 

To maintain valid status after completion of your academic program, F-1 students must do one of the following within the 60-day grace period:

  • Complete the Ending My F-1/J-1 Status form in accessVIS and depart the United States.
  • Transfer to another U.S. institution or degree program at Stony Brook beginning during the next available semester.  You will need to apply for a Change of Degree Level through VIS or request that your SEVIS record transferred to the new institution.

  • File for a I-539 Change of Immigration Status: USCIS must receive the appropriate paperwork by the respective program completion date.

  • Participate in post-completion Optional Practical Training.

J-1 students must depart the United States within the 30 day grace period. Degree seeking J-1 students can only Change Level to a higher degree level in the same field of study, and must request a new Form DS-2019 before completion of their current program (non-degree students are ineligible). Degree seeking J-1 students who wish to participate in post-completion Academic Training must apply before completing their program and must begin within 30 days of completing their degree program. J-1 students who are not subject to the 2 year home country physical presence requirement may file for Change of Status before they complete their current program.

Additionally, total withdrawal from all of your academic class after the start of the semester will end your immigration status. You will be granted a 15 day grace period if given permission to withdraw by your Visa and Immigration Advisor. If you are not authorized to withdraw from classes, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you must depart the U.S. immediately.

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