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Graduating Students

Remaining in the U.S. After Graduation?
F-1 students remaining in the U.S. after graduation either on OPT or the 60-day grace period are still bound by F-1 student regulations.  Be sure to update the following information in accessVIS within 10 days of a change.

Email Address:  Your Stony Brook email address and Net ID will only be valid for six months after graduation. You must submit a non-university email address in accessVIS so you can receive important communication from our office and request your accessVIS Limited Services PIN and for SEVIS reporting.

Note: We strongly suggest you do not use a Microsoft-based email address (example: Hotmail, Outlook, or since these frequently block communication from accessVIS.

Address and Phone Number: Your local phone number and local address are required for SEVIS reporting and will only be used to contact you regarding issues with Visa & Immigration Services. Be sure to keep this information updated by submitting the Local Address Update form in accessVIS.

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