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Graduating Students

Remaining in the U.S. After Graduation?
F-1 students remaining in the U.S. after graduation either on OPT or the 60-day grace period are still bound by F-1 student regulations.  Be sure to update the following information in accessVIS within 10 days of a change.

Email Address:  Your Stony Brook email address and Net ID will only be valid for six months after graduation. You must submit a non-university email address in accessVIS so you can receive important communication from our office and request your accessVIS Limited Services PIN and for SEVIS reporting.

Note: We strongly suggest you do not use a Microsoft-based email address (example: Hotmail, Outlook, or since these frequently block communication from accessVIS.

Address and Phone Number: Your local phone number and local address are required for SEVIS reporting and will only be used to contact you regarding issues with Visa & Immigration Services. Be sure to keep this information updated by submitting the Local Address Update form in accessVIS.



Immigration Options After Graduation

Linked below is the presentation given by Immigration Attorneys Leonard J. D’Arrigo, Esq. and Brendan J. Venter, Esq. from Whiteman Osterman & Hanna regarding immigration options after graduation. The information discussed included the U.S. immigration processes, employment based visas (J-1, H1-B, O, TN, etc.) and the road to Permanent Residency.

Click here to view the "Immigration 101: Options after the F-1" presentation

Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP
One Commerce Plaza
Albany, New York 12260
Tel: (518)487-7600

Note: The information in this presentation is intended as general background information on immigration law and employment eligibility issues.  It is not to be considered as legal advice with regard to any specific immigration issue.  Immigration law changes often and information becomes rapidly outdated.  Please consult your immigration counsel before taking action on immigration matters. 
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