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Student Testimonials

Current and Alumni Scholars share some of their experiences with the University Scholars Program:
Bryan Szeglin quote “I think that what students really look for in college is people like them, people who are passionate and who are aspirational and who want to make the world a better place. I found that sense of community in the University Scholars Program. The program brings together the best students at Stony Brook and helps those students to follow their interests and reach new potential. This is a community that sees value in, and puts its hearts behind, scholarship, leadership, and service. Sure, you can get top-notch advising and participate in service events, but you can also start something new, make the closest of friends, and become a part of something big. The Scholars Program allowed me to reach my goals and I remain incredibly grateful for that support.” - Bryan Szeglin; BS ‘16; 4th-year Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Pavithra Venkataramanquote "Being a University Scholar means that I have a community of people to lean upon and connect with. I have been able to gain leadership experience, build a network, mentor students, and even make lifelong friends through this program. The Scholars I know are highly driven and extremely accomplished students who are always looking for ways to improve our Stony Brook experience. I am very proud and very grateful to be able to give back to this program just a little bit of what it has given to me!" – Pavithra Venkataraman; Women’s and Gender Studies Major, BA ‘22


Marcela Muricy quote “Being in University Scholars has given me the biggest step up at SBU because of how much it’s made me feel supported through my advising. To me, that seems to be the best part about Scholars, because Jeremy [Marchese] and Nancy [Puchner] will always do everything they can to make sure you’re doing well - whether that’s in terms of your classes, your opportunities, or your mental health and wellbeing. They are the foundation of this Program and have made it something incredible. In addition to their support, you have the other students around you: amazing, kind people who work to be better every day. Scholars is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of success and networking, so I would wholeheartedly welcome anyone to apply if they’re interested in it!” - Marcela Muricy; Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies double-major, BS ‘23


Jamie Kunzmann quote "The University Scholars Program had a huge impact on me. Within this community, I met some amazing people, was encouraged to get involved, and above all gained a strong support system. The high-achieving and supportive students, along with the stellar advisors, helped me realize my potential and make the most out of my college experience." – Jamie Kunzmann; Computer Science; and Applied Math and Statistics Double-major, BS ’19; Software Engineer, Bloomberg


Maya Brown quote "The Scholars program was my helping hand when I first got to Stony Brook University. Having a community to rely on, and an advisor like Jeremy Marchese that is so helpful with both your academic and personal problems, is like having a light at the end of the really long tunnel that is college. What I love about the Scholars Program is that the community is full of hardworking and driven people; it reminds you to push for your own personal goal. My favorite part about the Scholars program has definitely been the Fellows program, as it gave me leadership skills, a family and an experience that will always mean a lot to me. I am forever grateful to the Scholars program and wouldn't be where I am today without it." - Maya Brown; Journalism Major, BA ‘22