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Scholars Advantages

University Scholars that have maintained the Scholars' requirements enjoy special privileges within the University. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Priority registration
  • Specialized sections of courses
    • including SCH 101 (the first-year seminar course all incoming freshmen are required to take. The course is an introduction to Stony Brook University. Our specialized Scholars sections are taught by faculty and staff from the University Scholars program, as well as additional staff members who are friends of the University Scholars) and other academic courses
  • Personalized academic advising
  • Access to request a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL)
    • PALs are upperclassmen who serve as mentors to freshmen who are in the same (or a similar) area of study. Freshmen are able to sign up for a PAL during their Summer Orientation session
  • Opportunities to participate in special symposia, trips, and other co-curricular activities
  • Housed together in the residence halls (more information below)

The University Scholars program is pleased to announce that starting in the Fall 2012, incoming freshman Scholars began being housed together in the residence halls within their Undergraduate College. While this does not necessarily mean a student’s roommate will be a Scholar, Scholars will be housed in a Scholars-designated building within the Quad. The breakdown is as follows:

Arts, Culture, & Humanities
Tabler Quad: Dreiser

Global Studies
Roosevelt Quad: Greeley

Human Development
Kelly Quad: Dewey

Information & Technology Studies
Mendelssohn Quad: Ammann

Leadership & Service
H Quad: Benedict

Science & Society
Roth Quad: Cardozo

Quad Director Steven Jubert coordinates and manages all of the housing issues pertaining to Scholars living on-campus.

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