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Stony Brook University, University Senate
University Environment Committee
Thursday, September 10, 2015
Admissions Conference Room Rm 118: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Attended: Paul Siegel, (Anne Gleason was not at the meeting), Theresa Tiso, Regina Lento, Jennifer Anderson, Fred Walter, Dawn Pappas

Guest: N/A
Introductions: Paul Siegel
Motion to Approve the minutes: Dawn Pappas approves, Jennifer Anderson seconds

New business: Fred Walter is here and speaking about his job serving as a liaison to our committee from the Executive Committee. If we have issues we need to inform him, we should have a full membership and missing two. Make sure Dawn Pappas sends the minutes to Laurie Cullen. He states he is very interested in what we do.

  1. Traffic Control: By the LIRR there are many stop signs, and it’s not good for our carbon footprint. That maybe pedestrian embedded lights in the road may be a better idea. Fred states it is old technology. Having people stop makes it annoying to drive. Speed bumps Jenn suggests. Fred noted that the University of Colorado has had an embedded light system for 30 years
  2. Recent Concerns
    1. HC Parking and Winter Time Path Access: Paul raised the concern that pathways need to be more handicapped accessible in the winter. Also that the parking spaces should be re-striped. Teri says that maybe we could see if there is anyone that checks the handicapped stickers to see if they are legitimate. The question is to ask UPD if there are any future plans to look into the legitimacy of those who are using handicaps spaces in the HSC garage.
    2. Blockage of the Bike Pathway by vendors and state workers: Paul contacted Terrence Harrigan and he said he will see about getting something done.
    3. c. New Members: We have two open positions; they can be volunteered and approved a regular election cycle. Humanities and Fine Arts are the two areas.
    4. Existing and proposed Liaison/Sub-Committees: Paul has an idea about having a Hospital liaison would be beneficial.
    5. FASPP- Fire and Water Celebration: Carl Safina will be giving a keynote speech. Awards are given out and presentation by scholarship winners. Avalon has endowed scholarships for students who perform research in the Preserve. The event will take place in the Simon’s Center on Thursday September 24, 2015 at 5:30 PM. There will also be some books available by Carl to be signed.
    6. Paul Siegel is considering looking into having a committee member be a liaison for Landscaping
    7. Tobacco Free Campus: Looking for ideas on rolling out the tobacco free campaign. Target date is January
    8. Running trail: John Robinson is our liaison on updates on the proposed running trail. Fred Walter was given a short version of the story behind the running trail.

2) Campus field trips and/or speakers

    1. Greenhouse
    2. Power Plant
    3. Recycling: Meeting up with Mike Youdleman
    4. Emergency Management: Bob Lenahan is on board with a field trip, Fred said University Affairs may be the ppl to contact and joint tour.
    5. Freight Farm: Hydroponic garden behind Roth Cafeteria, may be run by FSA or a student club. A sustainability conference will be on campus at the Hilton. Dawn will send the information out.
  1. Re-energize previous initiatives:
    1. Lake Briana:
    2. East Campus Bicycle safety: When ppl come onto campus from Setauket/Stony Brook using Daniel Webster Drive, the conditions are extremely dangerous coming out of the bike path in that area. We talked about tying the path through the incubator. Teri says it’s very bad for pedestrians. Traffic safety should be able to tell us how many bike accidents/incidents that have happened. There are no sidewalks on Hospital drive and a very narrow shoulder. No crosswalks, no shoulder, no walkways, no signage, and such. It has been going on 15 yrs, and nothing has been done. We are making this a priority. Fred said he will share a slide show on this topic. A good starting point might be a survey to see where all the commuters come from.
  1. Old Business:

    Issue of Roth Pond was in Newsday about being toxic and Fred says it is an issue our committee should look into. Stay with it

Motion to adjourn: Paul Siegel motions, Regina Lento seconds.

Meeting adjourned at: 2:30 PM.

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