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Stony Brook has two types of Travel Accounts:

Individual Travel Account (ITA)

Non-Employee Travel Account (NET)

Approval to obtain an ITA or NET Account will require the approval of your Supervisor, Account Manager, and respective Vice President/Dean. The ITA/NET will be issued in the employee's name and the account number will be stored with Euro-Lloyd in the Traveler's profile. Once the ITA/NET account has been established, Euro-Lloyd can be contacted to order tickets (2-7799 or 212-629-5470).

 Please Note: All applications must be submitted to the Procurement/Travel Office.

Individual Travel Account (ITA)

An ITA account can be issued to all  State employees who are expected to travel using  State funds at least once a year as part of their job.

The ITA account can only be used to pay for Airline tickets or Amtrak tickets for the State employee named on the account and no other individual.  


Non-Employee Travel Account (NET)

A NET account can be issued to a State employee designated to arrange Airfare or Amtrak tickets for non-employees who are expected to travel using State funds. The account cannot be used for the employee's own travel. Airfare/Amtrak tickets can be purchased using the NET Account for:

  • Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Research Foundation (non-State) employees
  • Visitors coming to the University