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Glossary of Travel Terms

A glossary of common terms used in SBU Travel & Expense follows:

Term / Abbreviation

Definition / Explanation

Back Office

After a travel voucher is fully approved, it is routed to the Travel Office for processing. For State and RF funded trips, the back office is the Procurement/Travel Office. 


E-RAS is Stony Brook’s online Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures. It is required that the University review and update the list of authorized signatures for every SBU account annually. For more information and FAQS, see:

E-RAS Account Director

An Account Director has primary authority to commit and spend account funds within E-RAS. Only the Account Director can delegate authority to Account Assistants and Signatory Delegates.

E-RAS Signatory Delegate

A Signatory Delegate is an individual appointed by the Account Director, or Account Assistant, and has the authority to commit or spend account funds on behalf of the Account Director. Signatory Delegates can be granted full or limited authority over account funds.

In E-RAS, the Signatory Delegate role will not grant access to see any account information. Only Account Directors and/or Account Assistants will be able to log-in to view account information.


Office of Grants Management for the Research Foundation


 Per-day allowance for meals, lodging, & misc expenses, when traveling


The employee that supervises the user, as indicated by the user’s PeopleSoft record.

Travel Voucher

Employees will submit a Travel Voucher with itemized trip expenses (i.e. airfare, hotel, rental car, meal per diem, etc.)