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Transportation Fee Information


The transportation fee provides support for operating SBU Transit Services for the University community between a variety of destinations on West, East, South, and Southampton Campuses, as well as the R&D Park, throughout the calendar year. SBU Transit provides transportation seven days per week and offers between five and seven transit routes daily, depending on the University academic calendar. 

The transportation fee provides support for operating SBU Transit, which includes support for service staffing, vehicle maintenance/repair, procurement of new vehicles, facility upgrades, regulatory compliance requirements, vehicle fuel and office supplies. In addition to transit operations, the transportation fee provides support for bus stop shelters, signage/maps, University bike initiatives, SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share, SBU Smart Transit, Suffolk Transit Connection support and student parking lot maintenance/additions.

Student Benefits

  • Students can use the SBU Transit Service on an unlimited basis.
  • SBU Transit Service operates seven days per week/354 days per year and is designed to meet the needs of all students, including commuters and residents.
  • SBU Transit operates seven weekday and five weekend transit routes to over 30 inter- and intra-campus destinations.
  • On Fall and Spring semester weekdays, the SBU Transit Service begins daily service at 7:00 am and ends service at 12:30 am.
  • The SBU Transit Service provides transportation service in lieu of students using their personal vehicles at the University, thereby lowering student's fuel and maintenance costs.
  • SBU Transit offers transportation to over 30 destinations located on West, East, South, and Southampton Campuses, as well as to and from the Research & Development Park.
  • SBU Transit offers enhanced weekend service between the Long Island Railroad Stony Brook train station and a variety of destinations on both East and West Campuses.
  • SBU Transit offers the  Suffolk Transit Connection, which is available free to students on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Students use SBU Transit maps, transit shelters, and transit signage to help meet their transportation needs.
  • The fee supports SBU Transit Service improvement initiatives, including the installation of passenger communication systems and related infrastructure.
  • The fee supports  SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share and biking initiatives, including the purchasing of bike racks and related infrastructure in order to enhance the biking culture at SBU.
  • SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is available to students free for the first 60 minutes of each trip and is operated throughout the calendar year.
  • The fee ensures that transit vehicles meet annual regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.
  • The fee provides support for the creation of commuter student parking spaces, as well as for the maintenance of commuter parking lots. 

The Department of Transportation & Parking Operations actively encourages the Stony Brook University community to provide feedback on our services through participating in the Transportation & Parking Advisory Group, which is open to the University community and/or through  online feedback.