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Shuttle Safety Rules

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of shuttle riders, pedestrians and motorists, it is important to follow these simple rules.

  • Wait in an orderly line for the shuttle
  • Don't knock on the driver's door or chase the shuttle. Please wait for the next shuttle
  • Please respect the shuttle and shuttle stops
  • Don't run to board the shuttle
  • Enter from the front door only
  • Let passengers exit before you board the shuttle
  • Hold children's hands when you board and exit the shuttle
  • Board the shuttle when it has fully stopped
  • Standees must remain behind the white safety line
  • Please use headphones on the shuttle
  • No smoking, eating or drinking on the shuttle
  • Please keep the aisles free
  • Use the stop bell before you reach your stop
  • Stand clear until the bus leaves and cross at the nearest crosswalk
  • Look carefully in all directions before you cross
  • Use caution when approaching a stopped shuttle from either direction
  • You must always stop for flashing red lights even on the divided roads and multilane roadways
  • Stay on the sidewalk until the shuttle leaves the bus stop
  • Wait until a shuttle pulls out of an intersection before crossing the street

Help For Special Problems

Complaints: If something happens at the shuttle stop that makes you feel unsafe, tell the driver or call the University Police at (631) 632-3333.

Problems: Report any unsafe road conditions or problems with pedestrian walkways (light outages, potholes etc.) to (631) 632-6400.Lost ItemsCall (631) 632-6418 for any items left on the shuttle.

ADA Accessible Service

To help you have a safe and comfortable ride, it will be helpful if you:

  • Tell the driver if you would like assistance
  • Board the hydraulic platform in outboard position (back towards shuttle)
  • Center the wheelchair on the hydraulic platform and apply the brakes
  • Let the driver make sure that the wheelchair is secured properly
  • Let the driver operate the lift gate manually if there is a power failure