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Bus Routes and Schedules

West, East & South Campus

West & East Campus Route

Current Schedule:  Effective August 2017 to August 2018
SBU Transit Transportation Service - Map & Schedule (Academic Year 2017 - 2018)

Important Schedule Change: Effective May 26, 2012, the Suffolk Transit Connection Replaces SBU Transit Mall Route (East & West Campus) service. For additional information, please visit the   Suffolk Transit Connection Page.


R&D Park Service

R&D Route

Spring 2018 Schedule:  Effective January 22, 2018
Research & Development (R&D) Park Shuttle (Spring 2018)  

(Service between RSS Building, CEWIT Building, Advanced Energy Center, & SAC Circle)

Southampton Shuttle Service

  Southampton Route

Fall 2017 Schedule

Spring 2018 Schedule: Effective 1/22/2018

SBU Sustainability EcoFact: SBU Transit utilizes a variety of sustainable transportation practices in order to lower environmental impact. For more information on some of these practices, please click here.

Note: Transportation & Parking Operations reserves the right to cancel or augment SBU Transit service levels based on traffic, weather and/or other conditions. For more specific information or to inquire about current SBU Transit service levels, please call SBU Transit at (631) 63 2-3741 or (631) 63 2-6418.

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