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Maintenance Services

Vehicle maintenance/repair services may be requested by users of Stony Brook University-owned vehicles by completing and submitting a "Squawk Sheet":

  • For Stony Brook University East or West Campus Users: Use  this Squawk Sheet
  • For Stony Brook Southampton Users: Use  this Squawk Sheet

The Automotive Repair Facility is open 7:00am to 3:30pm, Mondays-Fridays, and is closed for business during New York State holidays. Vehicles may be dropped off to the Facility after hours, and in such the cases the vehicle, its' keys and a completed  "Squawk Sheet" must be dropped in the mail slot located at the front entrance to the Facility.

Once a vehicles' maintenance/repairs are complete, the user will be contacted to pickup the vehicle from the Facility. The user picking up the vehicle is required to sign the work request and retrieve the keys. A copy of the work request detailing the work performed and the parts used will be forwarded to the Department for payment processing.

Vehicle & Equipment Expenses

University Departments are required to cover expenses associated with vehicle/equipment procurement, maintenance, repair and fuel. Estimates for vehicle/equipment maintenance/repair may be obtained by contacting the SBU Automotive Repair Facility in advance of submitting the vehicle/equipment for maintenance/repair.

Automotive Repair Facility staff reserves the right to make a determination whether the cost of maintenance/repair is appropriate with respect to the present value of the vehicle or piece of equipment. In addition, Facility staff reserves the right to hold and/or remove from service any vehicle or piece of equipment which may have unresolved safety related issues.


All maintenance/repairs that are covered under the manufacturer's warranty must be scheduled by the Automotive Repair Facility to be addressed by the appropriate vendor. In the event that the Facility has utilized components either new or remanufactured in the repair of vehicles, all warranty rights will be pursued in cases of failure or unacceptable performance.