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Fuel Services

fuelTransportation and Parking Operations oversees a fueling area, which is composed of two gasoline pumps and one diesel pump and is located in the University Bus Facility, which is specifically located in the South P Lot on the West Campus of Stony Brook University.

The South P Lot Fueling Station is a fully computerized gasoline dispensing station that is operational between the hours of 08:00AM and 04:00PM. This station utilizes "fueling keys" that are issued to each Stony Brook University vehicle. Keys are issued to the offices by the Transportation Supervisor located in the University Bus Facility at the South P Lot. The Transportation Supervisor also resolves fueling key problems and other issues, as needed. User departments are responsible for assigning "Employee ID's" to the keys and the drivers are responsible to maintain a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and to enter it when prompted in the vending procedure. Offices with "fueling keys" are encouraged to oversee their monthly fueling expenditures to ensure efficient usage.