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Summer Session Parking*

For Commuter Students

Commuter students may park in the following lots without a permit:

Green color-coded Commuter parking lots
    • North P Plot
    • South P Plot (please see Important SBU Transit Service Note below)
    • Parking lot North of Gym Road (west/middle of campus)
Color-coded Resident student parking lots
    • Resident Zone 1 - Roosevelt and Kelly Quads, West Apartments
    • Resident Zone 2 - Schomburg Apartments
    • Resident Zone 3 - Tabler Quad parking lots
    • Resident Zone 4 - Roth Quad parking lots
    • Resident Zone 5 - Mendelsohn & H Quad parking lots

Commuter students may purchase a Summer Stadium premium permit for the entire Summer session at a cost of $50:

Summer Stadium premium permits are valid for parking at the Stadium Brown color-coded parking lot by the Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium. The permit is only valid for the summer session in the year it was purchased. Purchase the permit in person at the Bursar located in room 261 in the Administration Building.

Important SBU Transit Service Note: Please be advised that SBU Transit does not operate the Express Bus Route during the summer session. Click here for additional information on SBU Transit Service schedules.

Additional Parking for Evenings and Weekends

General Information

Parking is permitted in any unrestricted lot during evenings & weekends. Lots are generally unrestricted and available for anyone to park from 4:00pm to 7:00am, Monday-Friday, and at all times Saturday & Sunday unless otherwise noted. Check for signs at parking lot entrances for restrictions.

Please note the following:
  • Metered Parking Lots (orange color-coded) must be paid from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday-Friday but are free at all other times.
  • Premium Parking Lots (brown color-coded) all require a Premium permit. These lots include the following Brown Zones: Stadium Lot, Life Sciences 1 & 2, Heavy Engineering, Simons Center and Dental School.
  • The Administration Parking Garage is free on Saturday & Sunday.
The following lots/parking spaces are restricted & enforced at all times:
  • ADA Accessible parking spaces
  • Any lot marked as "Restricted 24 Hour Parking", which includes:
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Computer Center
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Math/Physics Building
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located on Lake Drive
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Student Health Center
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to the Automotive Repair Facility
    • Life Sciences 1 & 2, Heavy Engineering & Simons Center Brown Zones
    • All Parking Garages (Administration, HSC & Hospital Parking Garages)
    • For additional information or if you are in need of a parking hangtag, please visit:

*Summer session parking begins the day after Spring Commencement and ends the day before the start of Monday-Friday classes for the Fall semester.

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