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Important Information About Use of Parking Permits

Users of a University issued parking permit acknowledge responsibility to operate and park a vehicle on campus in accordance with Stony Brook University's Parking Rules and Regulations. At all times, the University retains ownership of any issued parking permit.

  1. When parking on campus, users must display the permit by hanging it from the rear-view mirror support, facing outwards.
  2. A parking permit may be transferred to any vehicle being used by the original permit owner.
  3. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the University and is NOT transferable. The parking permit is not to be defaced or altered in any manner. Parking permits not in use must be returned to the University.


    PO BOX 619

    STONY BROOK NY 11790-0619
  4. Report lost or stolen permits immediately. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or discarded permits.
  5. Resale or unauthorized use of your issued parking permit is prohibited. Possession or use of a lost or stolen permit may result in criminal prosecution.
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