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Parking Services Frequently Asked Questions


When do Faculty/Staff need to renew their parking permits?
Faculty/Staff parking permits expire on 1/31/2019.  Renewals can be requested starting December 2018.  A renewal e-mail will be sent in December of 2018 notifying Faculty/Staff that they can renew their permit online. 

Can I pay my tickets online?
Yes, you can pay your parking tickets online.   Click here to learn about paying your parking tickets.

Is my parking permit transferrable?
A parking permit may be transferred to any vehicle being used by the original permit owner   only.

Can I register another student's car?

How do I get a stadium parking permit?
Click here to apply for a stadium parking permit. If the permit is sold out, you can put your name on the waitlist.

How do I appeal a ticket?
Click here to learn how to appeal a parking ticket.

What if my appeal is denied?
You can appeal in person by making an appointment to see the Traffic Appeals Board.   More information ›

Can I get a parking permit if I have unpaid tickets?

If I am a resident with freshman or sophomore status, can I get a resident permit?
According to the Stony Brook Traffic and Parking Regulations, resident freshmen or sophomores are not eligible to register their motor vehicles for the resident lots. Freshman or sophomore students who feel that they have exceptional needs to register a car for on-campus parking may fill-out a petition form.   More information ›

I am a graduate student who is also an employee; will I be able to park in P Lot?
Commuter students with a valid commuter parking pass can park in the South P lot.  Your primary status on campus is identified when you begin the permit application process.  If your primary role is "student" then you will be permitted to request a commuter pass.  Please note that only one type of parking pass is permitted per person.  Chapin residents who have a residential parking pass cannot obtain a commuter pass.

 I am a graduate student who isn’t an employee; what type of permit should I request?
The permits available to you will be displayed when you apply for a permit. 

 What if there is construction taking place blocking my designated parking facility? Construction rarely blocks all access to a parking facility.  If you cannot access or egress a parking facility please call parking and transportation at 631-632-6219

Are there visitor parking permits?
No, there are not. All visitors must park in only the metered lots, or in parking garages.  

What if my parking permit is lost or stolen?
Report lost or stolen parking permits immediately. You must go to the Bursar with your vehicle registration and SB ID. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or discarded parking permits.

What if I need a temporary handicap parking permit?
Click here to learn about handicap parking permits.

What if I forgot my permit and need to park on-campus?
The Student Accounts Office can issue you a temporary parking permit. The Student Accounts Office is located in the Administration building on the second floor.

Can I resell my parking permit?
Resale or unauthorized use of your issued parking permit is prohibited! Possession or use of a lost or stolen permit may result in criminal prosecution!

Do I have to register my motorcycle before parking on campus?
Yes, you must register your motorcycle before parking on campus, however, a permit will not be required.

I'm a transfer student, and the Stony Brook Parking Permit System is preventing me from applying for a parking permit because my transfer credits are not showing up. How can I fix this?
Your transfer credits may take some time before they show up in our records. If the Stony Brook Parking Permit System is preventing you from applying for a parking permit because your transfer credits are not showing up, please go to the Transfer Office and request that they provide you written proof that shows the number of transfer credits coming in. Bring this paper along with your vehicle registration and SB identification card to Bursar to apply for a parking permit.

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