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Bus Driver Appreciation

The Bus Driver Appreciation was a brilliant success, regardless of its simplicity. The NRHH community service sub-committee liked the idea of recognizing the bus drivers so they collected massive pieces of cardboard to turn into signs. On Friday, October 16, a band of dedicated NRHH members gathered in the NRHH/RHA office and covered the cardboard slabs with butcher paper. We then proceeded to paint signs of encouragement and recognition for the bus drivers. Some of the signs read: "HONK if you love bus drivers", "You guys Rock and Roll", "THANK YOU!!!", "You put us in all the right places", and "You drive the EXPRESS BUS to my heart". We even made an awesome cardboard bus with real windows!

On Wednesday, October 21, a cheer squad of NRHH members, and friends, gathered in the SAC Bus loop to cheer on the bus drivers. We screamed, yelled, wielded signs, and sang "The wheels on the bus." all through campus life. We even went over to the Express Bus Loop to cheer on the express bus drivers. The bus drivers thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Many of them got out of the busses to take pictures and videos with the cheer squad. They posed in the windows of the cardboard bus, and even exchanged emails with us so that NRHH could send them pictures. It was wonderful!

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