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An Air of Respect: Infographic

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tobacco free infographic

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An Air of Respect: Stony Brook University Tobacco-Free

Products that may not be used on campus include but are not limited to:

    •    Cigarettes
    •    Electronic cigarettes
    •    Cigars and cigarillos
    •    Pipes
    •    Hookah-smoked products
    •    Oral and smokeless tobacco

Timeline of events and process leading to Stony Brook becoming tobacco-free:

2012: SUNY Board of Trustees passes resolution in support of SUNY becoming tobacco-free.

2013-14: University engages in research, participates in SUNY regional conferences and begins to determine best practices for implementation.

Winter/Spring 2015: Tobacco-free steering committee forms. University groups and strategic focus groups discuss initiative.

Summer 2015: Tobacco-free policy is approved. Advisory council and working groups form and develop implementation strategy.

Fall 2015: University announces that it will become tobacco-free and prepares community for policy implementation. Facilities preparation begins.

Winter/Spring 2016: Policy goes into effect January 1, 2016. Promotion of resources and assistance continues for those seeking to cease using tobacco.

Tobacco-Free Institutions: Stony Brook University is one of 1,130 tobacco-free colleges and universities nationwide (as of October 2015).

Support and services are available and include:
    •    Smoking cessation program
    •    Health insurance benefits information
    •    Consultation, support and referral via Counseling and Psychological Services (for students)
    •    Smoking cessation products such as lozenges, gum and patches (cost covered for students by the student health fee)


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