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Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC)
1000 Innovation Road, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044


  • Dr. Chung-Chueh Chang (Simon)

    Project Director/ Instrumentation Scientist simon

    Dr. Chung-Chueh Chang (Simon) serves as Project Director/ Instrumentation Scientist at ThINC facility, managing and maintaining the core facility, and providing the state-of-the-art thermal mechanical and imaging characterization for researchers from industry and academic institute.  He received his PhD and MS in Materials Science and a BS in Chemical and Materials Engineering.  His expertise includes materials characterization, spectrum analysis, thermal mechanical characterization, thin film and surface analysis, EM and LM imaging and characterization.  His extensive experience provides guidance and solutions for researchers choosing adequate characterization techniques, assisting researchers in publishing international journals, proposing research grants, and developing new technique for their research.


  • Dr. Yuan Xue
    Staff Scientist Yuan Xue EM photograph
    Dr. Yuan Xue serves as Staff Scientist at ThINC facility.  She received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Chemical Enginering, MS in Mechanical Engineering and BS in Materials Science and Engineering.  Her extensive experience involves (a) applying nanotechnology to innovated materials, including flame retardant materials, and polymer composites, (b) material characterization, including ASTM standard methods, thermal and mechanical analysis, materials ultramicrotomy, LM, EM and SPM imaging and characterization, and (c) material engineering, including thin film fabrication, polymer compounding, extruding, molding and 3D printing.  Her field of expertise promotes the facility providing standard, accurate and precise metrology for thermal and mechanical analysis (TGA, DSC, DMA and thermal conductivity measurement), and microscopy characterization (confocal microscope, AFM, FIB-SEM, and TEM).

      *Portrait was acquired by Zeiss Xbeam 340





  • Former Employee
    Dr. Ya-Chen Chuang

    Dr. Ya-Chen Chuang

    PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at Stony Brook University.  Her research experience involves biomaterials characterization, nanotechnology applications, nanotoxicity, stem cell culture, immunofluorescence, and biomineralization, establishing her expertise in microscopy imaging and characterization, including Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, and Scanning Probe Microscopy, and the relevant sample preparation processing.


    Dr. Linxi Zhang

      PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at Stony Brook University.