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Quantum True Random Number Generator
Header image is purely illustrative. Source: Jer Thorp/Flickr,, CC BY 2.0.


Random numbers are typically necessary in everyday life: mobile communications, online payments, e-banking etc. In a time where almost everything can be done online, there is an unmet need for the generation of true random numbers at rates higher than 1 Gbit/sec. However, higher Gbits/sec are costly and are limited in outputs.


Exemplary embodiments of the present invention can provide a true random number generator. The exemplary true random number generator includes a light source configured to produce randomly distributed photons. Different detection channels then receive the randomly distributed photons, thus outputting an output signal for each of the channels, creating a genuine random generator.


-Higher effectiveness -Genuinely random


-Banking -Online markets -Credit cards -ATMs -Quantum based controls -Random number generators


Vera Gorfinkel, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Dmytro Gudkov, Res. Scientist,
Boris Gorbovitski, , Electrical Engineering

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Development partner,Commercial partner,Licensing

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Available for licensing

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Donna Tumminello, Assistant Director, Office of Technology Licensing,, 6316324163

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Patent application submitted


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