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Our group has  multiple ongoing funding opportunities, from both industrial and governmental sources. We are also fortunate to have philanthropic funding, as Dr.  Esther Takeuchi is the William and Jane Knapp Chair in Energy and the Environment.


Dr. Esther Takeuchi is the Director of an Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) funded by the Department of Energy (DOE). Dr. Amy Marschilok is the Deputy Director. Link:  m2M/t EFRC


Our group also leads the Institute for Electrochemically Stored Energy (IESE) located in the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) at Stony Brook University's Research Park.


Our students have also procured funding through various fellowships, listed below.

NSF GRFP Fellows (2019): Diana Lutz, Chris Tang

NSF GRFP Fellows (2015) : Andrea Bruck, Matthew Huie

GAANN Fellows (2019-2020): Mikaela Dunkin, Alison McCarthy

GAANN Fellows (2018-2019): Mikaela Dunkin, Alison McCarthy, Genesis Renderos

GAANN Fellows (2017-2018) : Alyson Abraham

Turner Dissertation Fellows (2020-2021): Genesis Renderos

Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship (2020): Edelmy Marin Bernardez

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Fellow (2021):  Edelmy Marin Bernardez


Please visit our Resources tab to learn more about our funding, lab locations, and instrumentation!


Group Philosophy

The Marschilok-Takeuchi group is dedicated to advancing fundamental energy storage science while helping develop the next generation of energy storage specialists. Currently, science is done in a traditional way--one principal investigator and one student work together on one project. Our aim is to  create a new way of mentoring students by having three principal investigators (Dr. Esther Takechi, Dr. Kenneth Takeuchi, and Dr. Amy Marschilok) all jointly advising each group member on a number of collaborative projects.

Dr. Esther Takeuchi's years in industry and acclaim in the energy storage field have allowed her to build unique connections and opportunities for our group members. Her goal is to integrate academia, national laboratories, such as our neighbor Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), and industry to create a scientific system in the United States that benefits all sectors. To this aim, our group members work closely with BNL scientists Dr. David Bock and Dr. Lei Wang to advance their projects, funded through both industry and government. If you are interested in learning more or wish to join our unique group, please visit our Contact Us page.

News & Announcements

Congratulations to Dr E for being the 2020 recipient of the Edward Goodrich Acheson Award presented by the Electrochemical Society! She will be giving an address at the 240th ECS Meeting (free registration) on Thursday, Oct 14th 2021. To learn more about the award, click here.

The Institute for Electrochemically Stored Energy, founded by Dr Esther Takeuchi in 2020 at Stony Brook University, has received a $2.2 million grant from the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Office of Renewable Energy/Vehicles Technology. The institute will involve researchers from Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Brown University. To learn more about the exciting research happening at the institute, click  here! (August 2021)

Congratulations to Edelmy for becoming a Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Fellow!  To learn more about this honor, click here. (Aug 2021)

Our recent Zn aqueous battery research was highlighted by WSHU, a local NPR network, in a segment titled "We Need Better Batteries to Slow Climate Change. Long Island Researchers May Have Found Them." Check it out here!

Our group's recent research on Zn aqueous batteries using Brookhaven National Laboratory's National Synchrotron Light Source-II (NSLS-II) was recently highlighted--check it out here!

Mikaela Dunkin is the 2021 recipient of the Renate W. Chasman Award presented by Brookhaven National Laboratory Women in Science (WIS). Congrats Mikaela! Read more about the award and Mikaela here. (May 2021)

Dr. Esther Takeuchi spoke about medical batteries during "The Magic of Energy" episode on The Pulse podcast hosted by WHYY. Tune in at ~36:30 for her segement! (May 2021)

In honor of Women's History Month,  the DOE's Energy Storage Grand Challenge highlighted key women, such as Dr Amy Marschilok, at  national laboratories working on energy storage. Read more here! (April 2021)

Congratulations to Dr Esther Takeuchi for being elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences! To learn more, click  here or read more by SBU news (April 2021)


Killian Tallman was named the recipient of the 2021 Chemistry Department Maria Tzamarioudaki Memorial Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student--Congratulations Killian!

Dr. Esther Takeuchi and Lisa Housel were highlighted in an article by the Electrochemical Society (ECS) titled "ECS Celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science"  --check it out  here!

Congratulations to Killian for successfully defending his dissertation! (Feb 2021)

Congratulations to Tyler and Chris K. on passing their first meetings and advancing to candidacy! (Nov-Dec 2020)

Congratulations to Killian for receiving 4th place prize in the NY-BEST 2020 Energy Storage Technology and Innovation Conference Student Poster session! (December 2020)

Congratulations to Lisa and Alyson for successfully defending their dissertations! (May 2020)

Lisa Housel was named the recipient of the 2020 Energy Technology Division Graduate Student Award sponsored by Bio-Logic by the Electrochemical Society. To read more about the award, click here. To read Lisa's talk abstract, click here. Congratulations Lisa! (May 2020)

Lisa Housel  was named a recipient of the  Chemistry Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student, and Alyson Abraham received the Chemistry Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research from the Chemistry Department at SBU. Congratulations to you both! (April 2020)

Genesis Renderos was just named a 2020-2021 Turner Dissertation Fellow. Congratulations to Genesis! You can learn more about the fellowship  here.

Dr. Esther Takeuchi contributed to a C&EN article in the Nov 18, 2019 issue titled "Peeking inside energy devices," which discusses new in-situ and operando techniques for analyzing battery systems. Our group's use of EDXRD (energy dispersive X-ray diffraction) is highlighted via this paper.  Check it out  here!

Congratulations to Gurpreet, Mallory, and Nahian on passing their first meeting and advancing to candidacy! (Nov-Dec 2019)

Dr. Esther Takeuchi received the Sigma Xi Walston Chubb Award for Innovation, Congratulations Dr. E! Read more about the award  here  and her interview with American Scientist   here . (Nov 2019)

Alison, Mikaela, and Chris T. all passed their prelimary meeting and are now Ph.D. candidates. Congrats everyone! (Aug-Dec 2019)

We are welcoming 3 new graduate students to our lab: Chris, Tyler, and Jason! (Aug 2019)

Group members Killian and Dave presented at the EFRC Principal Investigator's meeting in Washington, D.C., along with Calvin, Lisa, and Lei. Great job everyone!

m2M/t Director and SUNY Distinguished Professor, Esther Takeuchi, received an honorary degree from Notre Dame University and was invited to give the main address at the Notre Dame University Graduate School Commencement ceremony on May 18, 2019. You can view her address below.

Click here to read more group news.